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La crisi del carburante potrebbe durare fino a NATALE, ammette Boris Johnson come piani di emergenza elaborati

BRITAIN’S fuel and HGV crisis could last until Christmas, Boris Johnson suggested todaybut vowed the situation isstarting to improve”.

The PM told Brits to go about their business as usualand rejected pleas for NHS and key workers to get priority to the petrol pumps.

Boris Johnson said the fuel crisis is beginning to stabilise and people should fill up as normal

Boris Johnson said the fuel crisis is beginning to stabilise and people should fill up as normal

He said in a telly clip this evening he understood the worries of the nation who have been unable to get their hands on much-needed fuel to get to work or see loved ones.

And he begged them to only fill up when they needed it to stop the situation slipping out of control once again.

The PM insisted: “We now are starting to see the situation improvewe’re hearing from industry that supplies are coming back onto the forecourt in the normal way.

I would really just urge everybody to go about their business in the normal way and fill up in the normal way, when you really need it.

On getting through until the end of the year, Egli ha detto: “We want to make sure that we have all the preparations necessary to get through til Christmas and beyond, not just in the petrol stations, but all parts of the supply chain.

He insisted the global economy bouncing back after Covid was sucking in ahuge amount of demandfor gas and deliveries.

The PM said his plans to relax the competition rules at petrol pumps, and giving temporary visas to truckers will help alleviate the pressure.

People should be confident and go about their business,” Ha aggiunto.

The PM slapped down suggestions that key workers should be allowed to jump the queue to fill up, detto: “the best thing for everybody is that we stabilise it in the normal way”.

His plan for temporary visas would mean wages would continue to rise.

I don’t think people in this country want to fix all our problems with unctrolled immigration, ancora.

We tried that for a long time, 20 anni… people could see that it was leading to a low wage, low skill approach without enough investment in people.

That’s not the way we want the UK to develop and grow.

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