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Countryfile fans are all saying the same thing about pig sex scene

COUNTRYFILE viewers got a shock when they tuned into tonight’s episode.

The BBC show explored some of the UK’s farms, and its last segment really took its fans by surprise.

Presenter Matt pictured with owner Catherine

Presenter Matt pictured with owner Catherine
We were introduced to the farm's pedigree pigs

We were introduced to the farm’s pedigree pigs

Presenter Matt Baker took viewers to Yew Tree farm, which is the last traditional farm in the Bristol area.

Run by Catherine Withers, the farm is one that’s passionate about its food to fork production.

Matt explained in a voiceover: “Until last year, she used an off-site breeder for her pigs, but breeding on-farm gives her more control over the final product”.

Viewers were introduced to three year old Emperor, Catherine’s new boar on the farm, who weighed in at 300kg.

Host Matt asked Catherine: “Does he know his job?”, to which she responded: “He does, he’s an experienced boar.

It’s why I waited for the others to grow enough to be served by him, so the size difference isn’t too big.

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The show then proceeded to follow Emperor’s duties for the day, as he was paired up with one of Catherine’s award-winning pedigree pigs, Molly.

Matt asked viewersWill our girl Molly take to the mighty Emperor?” as he helped the farm boss round Molly into the same shed as Emperor.

Only moments later, Catherine stated: “He can smell something good, he’s off! And now we leave.

The audience were then treated to a rather graphic scene of pig sex, which sent viewers straight to Twitter to discuss what they’d just witnessed.

Uno ha scritto: “Pig porn is not what I expected when I put BBC1 on at 6pm. #Scheda Paese

Un altro ha detto: “Can’t believe I’m watching pig porn on a Sunday evening. And the size of his nads!! #countryfile

One viewer made a joke, referring to Matt’s previous presenting role on kid’s show, Blue Peter: “First we had sheep porn from Adam, and now pig porn with Matt.

Blue Peter was never this graphic in my day! #countryfile

Another hilarious fan Tweeted: “#countryfile pig porn on the TV and I’m trying to enjoy my pizza with ham on it..

As another joked: “We have reached pig porn on Countryfile. So much funnier than the human kind.

Once the scene was over, Matt concluded with: “And that, credo, is job done”.

The scene showed some graphic mating scenes

The scene showed some graphic mating scenes