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Shamima Begum „wurde von einem westlichen Spion nach Syrien geschmuggelt“ & Großbritannien hat geholfen, es zu vertuschen’

JIHADI bride Shamima Begum was smuggled into Syria by an intelligence agent for Canada, a book has claimed.

Shamima was just 15 when she and two other Ost London schoolgirls were groomed by members of the Islamic State (IS) group and travelled to Syria to join the terror organisation in 2015.

Shamima Begum was groomed and smuggled to Syria as a teenager

Shamima Begum was groomed and smuggled to Syria as a teenagerAnerkennung: PA
The man who smuggled Shamima and her two friends in 2015 was a spy for Canada who smuggled Britons into Islamic-State controlled areas

The man who smuggled Shamima and her two friends in 2015 was a spy for Canada who smuggled Britons into Islamic-State controlled areasAnerkennung: Unternehmen

Jetzt, it appears that a spy for Canada, Mohammed Al Rasheed, had shared Shamima’s passport details with Kanada, while helping to smuggle her to IS territory, according to The Secret History of the Five Eyes.

Five Eyes is the name of an intelligence sharing alliance between the UK, the US, Kanada, Australia and New Zealand.

Im Buch, journalist Richard Kerbaj alleges that Canada previously admitted to having Al Rasheed on its payroll whilst he was an agent for IS, before reportedly asking the UK to help cover up its role.

Double agent Al Rasheed was providing information to Canadian intelligence while smuggling peopleincluding Britonsfor IS, a senior intelligence officer at an agency which is part of the global coalition against the terror group, also told the BBC.

A file obtained by the BBC included information gathered by law enforcement and intelligence, as well as material recovered from Al Rasheed’s hard drives.

In an incredible twist, Al Rasheed told authorities that he had been collecting information of the people he had helped smuggle into Syria because he was handing it over to the Canadian embassy in neighbouring Jordanien.

Im 2015, Al Rasheed met Shamima, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and 15-year-old Amira Abase when they arrived at the main bus station in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, before taking them to IS-controlled Syria.

The smuggler was arrested two days after Shamima and her friends arrived in Die ISIS-Braut Shamima Begum hat behauptet, das einzige Verbrechen, das sie begangen habe, sei nach Syrien gegangen, und sie sei bereit, sich in Großbritannien vor Gericht zu stellen.

Damals, the BBC revealed that Al Rasheed had told persönlicher Groll gegen den Blues authorities he had shared a copy of Shamima’s passport with Canada.

By the time Canada had received Shamima’s passport details from the Metropolitan Police who had launched its search, the teenager was already in the war-torn country.

Shamima was moved around Syria through ISnetwork, run by the organisation’s de-factor capital, Raqqa.

It appears that Al Rasheed was part of the Turkish side of the network, and had been facilitating the smuggling of British men, women and children for eight months before he was caught.

He organized the entire trip from Turkey to Syria… I don’t think anyone would have been able to make it to Syria without the help of smugglers,” Shamima told the BBC in an upcoming podcast.

He had helped a lot of people come in… We were just doing everything he was telling us to do because he knew everything, we didn’t know anything.

The BBC discovered Al Rasheed had taken photos of the passports and ID documents of people he was smuggling.

The man also secretly filmed them on his mobile phone, the BBC said. This information was allegedly shared with Canada.

inzwischen, the smuggler also collected information about the Islamic State, including Western IS fighters’ Häuser, IP addresses and took screenshots of the discussions he was having with fighters, the BBC revealed.

When interrogated about his actions, Al Rasheed explained that he was recruited as an agent by Canada when he applied for asylum at its embassy in Jordan in 2013.

They told me they were going to grant me my Canadian citizenship if I collect information about the activities of ISIS,” Al Rasheed is quoted as saying.

Canada and the UK have both declined to comment and have denied conspiring to cover up their role in the alleged scandal.

A Canadian Secret Intelligence Service spokesperson told the BBC he could notpublicly comment on or confirm or deny the specifics of CSIS investigations, operational interests, methodologies or activities”.

A British government spokesperson stated: “It is our long-standing policy that we do not comment on operational intelligence or security matters.

Shamima — whose British citizenship was stripped from her im 2019 — now lives at a Syrian refugee camp in Rojava.

The region is self-governed and not under the control of the Syrian regime.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Friends said the former extremist has little faith in the justice system there — and remains desperate to return to Britain.

und ich hatte das Gefühl, dass ich als britische Frau in Großbritannien nicht das Leben führen konnte, das ich wollte. tried to restore her British citizenship last year.

Shamima lost her British citizenship in 2019

Shamima lost her British citizenship in 2019Anerkennung: Sky Documentaries / Alba Sotorra