KAZ Crossley has revealed the “嫌い” she has received after being snapped in the gym with Ashley Cain.

Former Love Island star Kaz, 28, was pictured this week alongside アシュリー and celebrity trainer Michael Griffiths.

Kaz Crossley has received 'hate' for posing with Ashley Cain in a new picture (右端)

Kaz Crossley has received ‘hatefor posing with Ashley Cain in a new picture (右端)クレジット: インスタグラム
It came after he confirmed his split with Safiyya Vorajee

It came after he confirmed his split with Safiyya Vorajeeクレジット: インスタグラム

The trio of sports fanatics are all ambassadors for a gym clothing company and were taking part in a joint photo shoot.

But Kaz has found herself under attack, as the pic came just days after Ashley, 31, and his 34-year-old girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee 彼らの分裂を確認した.

The couple quietly parted ways several months ago following the tragic death of their eight-month-old daughter アザイリア, who died 4月中 2021 from leukemia.

一緒, they have launched a charity in memory of their little girl.

カズ, who has helped raise thousands to build a house, a school and gym in an impoverished area of Thailand, has now taken to Instagram to quash rumours that she istrying to get with” アシュリー.

彼女は書いた: “We are friends but after our work shoot the other day I’ve been getting hate messages saying I’m trying to get with him.

I’ve always supported his cause and likewise him with my kids in Thailand. People are so quick to tear each other down it’s sad.

The Sun revealed last week that former Ex On The Beach star Ashley and his girlfriend Safiyya had sadly split.

They then confirmed their break-up in a statement, insisting that they are stillthe closest of friendsand working hard on their charity The Azaylia Foundation.

After a devastating and heartbreaking year, Safiyya and I decided to separate a few months ago,” Ashley said.

This was an incredibly tough decision which we needed to keep to ourselves for some time to give us the opportunity to figure out our own journey privately.

The past few months have demonstrated that we remain the closest of friends, spending time together everyday and that we will love, care and support each other forever.


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We are bonded by our powerful journey together, by the eternal love we have for our daughter and our passionate commitment to her foundation.

The pair had not been seen together on social media since Safiyya shared a picture of them both at おはようイギリス 去年の8月に.

They appeared on the ITV1 breakfast show four months after Azaylia’s heartbreaking death.

2週間以内, Safiyya thanked Ashley for his support as she struggled through her first Mother’s Day without their daughter.

彼女は書いた: “How am I coping with today???

I’m really struggling, the ache in my heart the lump in my throat the sore eyes from me crying I feel suffocated by today I just want it to be over! ? is the truth of how it really feels.


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Waking up with a heavy heart is something I do everyday but today I was reflecting on last years Mother’s Day, I was so proud to wake up with my baby give her a bath see her pretty smile light up my heart and have breakfast at home as a family smiling & enjoying my 1st Mother’s Day I will always treasure that day.

Safiyyaが追加しました: “Thank you Ashley for waking me up this morning & bringing me coffee & flowers in bed but most importantly making me a mummy to our beautiful baby girl my love will run for eternity for you & Azaylia.

Ashley and Safiyya lost their daughter Azaylia to leukemia last year

Ashley and Safiyya lost their daughter Azaylia to leukemia last yearクレジット: miss_safiyya_ / Instagram
They insist they 'remain the closest of friends' following their split

They insist they ‘remain the closest of friendsfollowing their splitクレジット: インスタグラム



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