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Medic ‘who raped woman during C-section attacked TWO other mums the same day

AN anaesthetist accused of raping a woman during a C-section could have done the same to two other mums the same day, colleagues fear.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, was arrested after he was allegedly caught on camera violating the heavily sedated patient in Brazil.

Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra has been arrested on suspicion of raping a patient

Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra has been arrested on suspicion of raping a patientCrédit: Facebook
Authorities are investigating if he assaulted any other patients

Authorities are investigating if he assaulted any other patientsCrédit: Facebook

The mobile phone camera was set up by surgical colleagues at the Heloneida Studart Women’s Hospital in São João de Meriti, à proximité Rio de Janeiro.

They were suspicious of him, and surprised at the level of sedation he was giving to women, according to Brazilian news outlet Globo.

The team’s first two C-sections on Sunday were in a theatre where filming was impossible.

For the third op, staff managed to switch at the last minute to another room where theatre technicians had hidden the phone, reports Globo.

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Baby ‘decapitated and her head left in mum’s womb during botched delivery

Horrifying footage allegedly shows Dr Bezerra placing his penis in the woman’s mouth in an assault lasting ten minutes.

Surgeons and nurses on the other side of the screen cannot see the woman’s face while they are delivering her baby.

But after viewing the footage they immediately alerted hospital bosses and police.

Dr Bezerrawho qualified as an anaesthetist two months agowas arrested on Monday on suspicion of rape.

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Police are now investigating whether more women could have been targeted, including the first two patients on Sunday.

Barbara Lomb, from the local police station, praised the medical team for theirexemplaryprofessionalism.

Elle a dit: “It is necessary to highlight the performance of the nursing team and exemplary health professionals who noticed the movement of the doctor’s body in other surgeries.

The lead surgeon who performed the caesarian will reportedly be called to give a statement.

Dr Bezerra’s lawyer claimed detectives have not yet shared evidence with him, in breach of his rights.

Meanwhile the state health ministry said: “An internal investigation will be opened to take administrative measures.

The Hospital da Mulher team is providing full support to the victim and her family.

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This behaviour constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.

Cremerj, the regional medical council, said it has begun a disciplinary process that would see the doctor struck off if found guilty of misconduct.

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