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Kendall se moque de la façon dont elle fait mac & fromage après le contrecoup du concombre

KENDALL Jenner has faced backlash over the way she cooks mac and cheese after she was slammed for strangely cutting a cucumber.

The Kardashians star was ruthlessly mocked for her kitchen skills while making a salad at her mom’s house.

Kendall has faced backlash over her cooking methods

Kendall has faced backlash over her cooking methodsCrédit: Hailey Rhode Bieber/Youtube
She suggested that Hailey put butter in the boiling water

She suggested that Hailey put butter in the boiling waterCrédit: Hailey Rhode Bieber/Youtube

Now Kendall, 26, has added to the scrutiny while guest-starring on her best friend Hailey Bieber’s new YouTube show.

The model joined her bestie for the first episode of Who’s In My Bathroom, where they cooked Mac & Cheese and played Never Have I Ever.

As the duo began cooking their pasta dish, the Ocean’s Eight actress said: “So I’m gonna pour in the shells.

Kendall interrupted: “You don’t butter first?”

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Khloe reveals how Kendall feels after she was mocked for cucumber cutting scene


Khloe reveals how Kendall feels after she was mocked for cucumber cutting scene

Butter the water?” Hailey replied with a laugh.

Yeah isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? That’s how I make rice,” the KUWTK alum giggled.

Justin Bieber’s wife replied: “You salt the water,” as Kendall shot back: “Right you butter after.

You might want to cut that out you guys,” Hailey advised while busting out in laughter.

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No you can keep that in,” her supermodel buddy cackled.


But fans were not as amused, and after fan account @kardashiansocial reshared the post on Instagram, many raced to the comments to slam her for her cooking skills.

“je veux dire, is she dumb?” one ripped.

She was coddled by a rich family, she doesn’t have any life skills except be pretty,” a second complained.

Un troisième a plaisanté: “WOW WHAT A BLONDE MOMENT!!”

“…From the person who doesn’t know how to cut a cucumber,” another remarked, reminding others of Kendall’s recent vegetable mishap.

They don’t know simple things,” one fan noted of the entire Kardashian-Jenner family.

I’m all for people doing their own thing regardless but maybe we should encourage people to learn knife skills. Potential finger loss, and all,” a final mentioned.


Kendall previously came under fire after an episode of The Kardashians aired where she was seen chopping a cucumber in a strange method.

The supermodel cutting the vegetable went viral on TikTok as the clip was reposted by the user Michelle Andrews.

The video creator commented: “The way Kendall has zero skills or common sense is painful to see.

But watching Kris just staring and not teaching her grown daughter how to do it is horrible, but sure, call the chef without saying please or thank you.

The user harshly concluded: “No wonder Kendall is entitled af.

Another fan remarked: “Kendall not knowing how to slice a cucumber on The Kardashians and Kris yelling, ‘Chef!’ to come help her really puts their wealth into perspective.

Plusieurs fois ces dernières semaines: ” [Elle a dit,] ‘It’s pretty easy,’ [et] then chops it the in the weirdest way possible.

Un autre a plaisanté: “She’s so brave trying to cut it by herself!”

Un troisième ajouté: “The job security that chef has…”

Yet another fan contributed: “I always knew they were so far removed from reality, but watching Kendall try to cut that cucumber was painful.


In the scene, Kris noticed Kendall attempting to cut up a cucumber.

The momager asked her daughter if shewanted the chef to make her a snack.

Mais le 818 Tequila founder replied: “I’m making it myself, just gotta chop up some cucumber. That’s pretty easy.

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The model then crossed her arms to hold the vegetable down as she used the blade.

As she proceeded to slice the cucumber with much caution, Kendall admitted: “I’m kind of scared.

Kendall made a salad at her mom's house

Kendall made a salad at her mom’s houseCrédit: Hulu
Fans trolled her vegetable chopping methods

Fans trolled her vegetable chopping methodsCrédit: Hulu
Kendall was slammed for her 'wealthy' lifestyle

Kendall was slammed for her ‘wealthy’ mode de vieCrédit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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