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Dominic Cummings golpeado por perros guardianes por un nuevo trabajo secreto

DOMINIC Cummings has been rebuffed by watchdogs over a mystery job.

El primero No10 aide wanted clearance for a new consultancy role.

Dominic Cummings wanted clearance for a new consultancy role

Dominic Cummings wanted clearance for a new consultancy roleCrédito: Getty

Now the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba), has refused to reply to his request for advice on a new secret rolewhich was redacted from the lettersas he’s not got back to them about his substack blog.

But he was knocked back by the committee which OKs such work for former top civil servants.

It refused to advise him because he previously failed to ask permission to write a paid-for blog.

In a letter to the Cabinet Office from Cat Marshall, the committee secretariat, maldito: “This failure to seek and await the committee’s advice was a breach of the rules reported to the Cabinet Office in July.

Mr Cummings has not provided the committee with a response to its correspondence in respect of the breach of the rules.

This application to consult for [redacted] relates directly to his previous breach of the rules and as a consequence the committee refuses to provide advice on this occasion.

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