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Ich war mit Jeffrey Dahmer zusammen – Ich ging schreiend davon, als er versuchte, den Teufel zu beschwören

JEFFREY Dahmer attempted to summon the devil around the time of his first sickening murder, leaving his prom date terrified.

Bridget Geiger was just 16 when 18-year-old Dahmer took her on her very first date to their high school prom.

Bridget Geiger went to prom with Jeffrey Dahmer

Bridget Geiger went to prom with Jeffrey Dahmer
She described the serial killer as 'nerdy' and said he 'didn't fit in'

She described the serial killer as ‘nerdyand said he ‘didn’t fit inAnerkennung: Alamy

She said Dahmer was goofy” und “nerdy aber “didn’t appear to have a mean bone in his body”.

He was relentlessly taunted by other kids anddidn’t fit in”, Sie hat hinzugefügt.

Although two years younger, Geiger became caught in Dahmer’s web as her best friend was dating his pal.

She said she wastalked intogoing to the Revere High School prom with himbut he didn’t saytwo wordsto her all night.

Geiger previously said: “We went over to the prom hall, but he disappeared.

I thought he went to the bathroom but the time got longer.

When he came back they wouldn’t let him back in. He’d been to McDonald’s because he was so nervous at dinner he hadn’t eaten enough. He was still hungry.

He did apologise, he felt bad.

He was scared to death of girls. He was scared to death I was going to kiss him,” Geiger said told Associated Press after Dahmer’s arrest in 1991.

Weeks after her odd date with Dahmer, he invited her over to a party at his house.

But it wasn’t what Geiger expected, with no music playing and no food laid out.

Dahmer had also only invited four people and said he wanted to hold a seance.

To Geiger’s horror, Dahmer told her the house was haunted and that an evil ghost sometimes told himto do things that scare me”.

They all then sat around a low table andLuciferwas called uponsending her screaming in fear.

Geiger told Times Daily in 1991: “The flame on the candles snapped.

It scared the crap out of me. I shouted ‘find the light, find the light. I’m out of here. I don’t want any part of this’.

Dahmer showed no reaction to her terror, and he never saw Geiger again.

According to Geiger, the seance incident happened around the time of his first murder.

She has been haunted by whether it happened before or after he bludgeoned Steven Hicks to death on June 18, 1978.

Geiger said Dahmer held a seance at his house

Geiger said Dahmer held a seance at his houseAnerkennung: Youtube
She recounted her bizarre experiences with Dahmer after he was caught

She recounted her bizarre experiences with Dahmer after he was caughtAnerkennung: Youtube

Gemäß Dahmer‘s classmates, he made repeated cries for help as a teen and turned to drinkingcalling booze hismedicine”.

Ted Lehr and Dahmer attended Bath Elementery together and were childhood pals before drifting apart during their high school years.

The computer engineer said Dahmer was afunny kidwho took awrong turnas a teen.

Disturbed Dahmer would draw chalk outlines of fictional bodies, pretend to faint while crossing roads, and shout things out at inappropriate times.

Lehr told the Akron Beacon Journal in 1991: “He was weird, but I met a lot of weird people in grad school too.

He was funny. When we were kids, he would make funny comments about things.

He was a fun kid to be around as a child.

When he got to high school, he was kind of a solemn person. He wasn’t as funny. Out paths diverged. He continued along with his craziness.

Lehr told how other kids madeJeff Dahmerjokes as he began to hit the bottle more and more, and became a problem drinker by 18.

Er fügte hinzu: “I remember in some science classes, he was fairly out of control.


He was an intelligent kid. He just took a wrong turn.

Dahmer’s drinking continued after he graduated and he boozed his way through his first quarter at Ohio State University before dropping out.

He then joined the Army, but before his three-year stint was up, he was booted out because of hisout of control alcoholism”.

Dahmer’s boozing fed into his callous murders as he would ply his unsuspecting victims with drugged drinks.

He would lure his victimsalmost all of them from ethnic minority or LGBT communitiesback to his apartment, often offering to pay them in return for nude photographs.

Einmal da, he would drug their drinks before carrying out his evil acts.

He later told the court how once drugged, he would drill a tiny hole into some of his victimsskullsjust enough to open a passageway to the brain”.

Dahmer said he would then inject their brains with hydrochloric acid to induce azombie-like state”.

He repeated his heinous routine on 17 victims before he was finally caught in July 1991.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Dahmer met his own violent demise at the hands of a fellow inmate after being jailed for life at Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution in February 1992.

Im November 28, 1994, Dahmer was bludgeoned to death durch Christopher Scarver, who was in prison for murder.

Dahmer was caught in 1991 after murdering 17 men and boys

Dahmer was caught in 1991 after murdering 17 men and boysAnerkennung: AFP