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Danny Dyer’s explosive Eastenders exit will reveal shocking truth about Janine

DANNY Dyer’s explosive EastEnders exit on Christmas Day will see the truth about Mick Carter’s new wife Janine exposed.

Exactly how the Queen Vic landlord and his scheming missus will leave Walford remains a closely-guarded secret.

Danny will leave the show on Christmas Day - but how will Mick exit?

Danny will leave the show on Christmas Daybut how will Mick exit?Krediet: BBC
Janine will be exposed on Christmas Day in shocking scenes

Janine will be exposed on Christmas Day in shocking scenesKrediet: BBC

But fans can rest assured that conniving Janine will be unmasked in what Danny, 45, calls afitting endto the plot.

“I wanted it to be a fitting end and hopefully it is,” he tells The Sun exclusively. “It is the end of an era.”

As viewers of the BBC seep know, Mick is currently unaware of Janine’s involvement in Linda’s car accident.

Janine was actually the one behind the wheel, but framed recovering alcoholic Linda and led her to believe she was drink driving.

Friday night’s episode (Desember 23) will see Mick and Janine tie the knot, while a heartbroken Linda can only look on from a distance.

But as the net closes in around Janine on Christmas Day, fans will watch as the shocking truth about the car crash comes outwith Mick chasing Janine out of Albert Square.

Both Danny and Charlie Brooks, who plays Janine, are leaving the show and viewers of the BBC soap are convinced oneor bothof them will meet their maker on December 25.

Danny was spotted filming dramatic scenes on a cliff top terug in Oktober, which has left his army of followers fearing the worst for his troubled alter ego.

During his time on the BBC soap, Danny’s character has been seen hitting rock bottom after the rape of his wife Linda, to opening up about harrowing childhood sexual abuse.

It is the impact of the abuse on Mick’s mental health that feeds into his explosive exit scene which will air on Christmas Day.

And Danny is now waiting with bated breath to see what EastEnders viewers and his fans think of his climatic exit – which will undoubtedly leave everyone on the edge of their seats.

When asked if he thinks they will like what they see, Danny laughs: “I hope so!

“You can’t please everyone. You know what the f***ers are like.”

EastEnders’ Christmas Day hour long special airs on BBC One and iPlayer on December 25 by 9:25pm.

Danny is leaving the soap after nine years

Danny is leaving the soap after nine yearsKrediet: Getty
Janine and Mick are due to tie the knot this week

Janine and Mick are due to tie the knot this weekKrediet: BBC