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Emmerdale’s Ethan and Marcus make a shock decision next week

SINCE his arrival in the Dales, Marcus Dean has been getting closer to local solicitor Ethan Anderson.

As their relationship continues to evolve, the couple make a huge decision for their future in Emmerdale semana que vem.

Ethan and Marcus' relationship is evolving

Ethan and Marcusrelationship is evolvingCrédito: ITV
They make a huge decision next week

They make a huge decision next weekCrédito: ITV
The couple is looking for a new home

The couple is looking for a new homeCrédito: ITV

O son of serial killer Pierce Harris made his debut in the Dales in February, 2022, when actor Darcy Grey joined the line-up.

Vários ITV viewers were adamant he was hiding something and could be just as dangerous as his villainous father.

But as months went by, Marcus found love in the arms of Ethan Anderson (Emile John) and their romantic bond evolved quickly despite a few rocky moments.

Contudo, Marcus is alarmed to hear Ethan’s boss Greg is coming for lunch and makes an excuse to get out of it.

He later has a change of heart and joins himbut could he have regrets?

The lovebirds made the decision to find themselves a new home in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based drama.

Their search for the perfect place continues next week but is soon interrupted by Amelia Spencer (jogado por Daisy Campbell).

Much to their surprise, the teen mum suggests they buy Harriet Finch’s house but the property is out of their budget.

Yet Ethan decides it could be just their luck and convinces Marcus to put a bid in for it.

Will Marcus go along with it?

PC Harriet Finch was portrayed by Fãs de Emmerdale criticam o vestido de casamento de Dawn Taylor sendo vandalizado and died after a quad bike accident amid the soap’s dramatic storm week, no início deste ano.

Since she passed, Woodbine Cottage has been left empty as Dawn and Billy Fletcher live in Home Farm along with Clemmie and Lucas.

But should Ethan and Marcus really move in together alone?


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Some fans may disagree as the latter recently showed his nasty side when Nate Robinson cheated on his girlfriend Naomi Anderson.

Tensions started to grow as Ethan walked in on Marcus squaring things up with Nate.

Marcus angrily informed his partner that he didn’t like cheats and liars and that Nate had officially become one of them.

A handful of viewers believed Ethan could be hiding something from Marcus due to his reaction.

But others believe this could be a sign of more troubling, controlling behaviour from Marcus.

Emmerdale airs on ITV.

Amelia Spencer has a suggestion for the couple

Amelia Spencer has a suggestion for the coupleCrédito: ITV
But will they go through with it?

But will they go through with it?Crédito: ITV