ティーン・マム・アシュリー・ジョーンズがプロデューサーに怒鳴る & [object Window]’ 離婚の噂の中で

TEEN Mom star Ashley Jones stormed off the show after shouting at a producer amid questions about her marriage to Bar Smith.

The pair briefly split, contemplating ending their relationship, after secretly tying the knot.

Ashley Jones stormed off the set of TeenMom 2 amid questions about her marriage

Ashley Jones stormed off the set of TeenMom 2 amid questions about her marriage
The reality star broke down in tears, confessing that she needed to 'process'

The reality star broke down in tears, confessing that she needed to ‘processクレジット: MTV
Ashley and Bar secretly married off camera and split shortly thereafter

Ashley and Bar secretly married off camera and split shortly thereafterクレジット: Instagram/@ashleysiren

During Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley went to a paint and sip with mom Tea and sister Chris.

Before she arrived at the mother-daughter outing, her mom and sister chatted about her marriage to Bar, which was hanging in the balance.

Chris questioned: “Ashley and Bar – what was they like? They was cool or was they not?”

Her mom replied: “Last I know she said, ええと, that they was taking a break.

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Not long after Ashley arrived on the scene, she faced questions about her marriage – first from Chris, then from Tea and, lastly, from her producer.

The reality star’s sister asked: “How you feeling with the whole Bar thing? Do you know anything? I’m not trying to pressure, I’m just trying to see where you at with it.

She calmly replied: “It takes time to figure things out. I don’t have everything figured out right now. I have a lot on my plate and it’s a lot involved. … It’s also something that I semi would like to handle privately.

After producer Brandon askedcan you elaborate on the situation at all?” she grew angry, yelling: “Where I’m at is I don’t know and I don’t want to keep saying that. I’m getting frustrated. You don’t understand that people are married in real life? Trying to work it out in real life? I say give me time, give me the f**king time. … when I decipher what I am going to to I will let everybody around me know, so just give me that.


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She then stormed off, 言って: “あのね, I think I’m done.

Tea and Chris followed her out, gathering with Brandon to try and reach the enraged MTV star.


Ashley initially ignored Chrisattempts to reach her, but she finally picked up the second time around.

Immediately it was clear that Ashley was in tears.

Chris attempted to get her to come back, 言って: “Sis, スポンジボブのキャラクターと自分自身を比較しました? Why’d you just storm like that?”

Ashley answered: “Because you guys don’t understand.

Chris confessed: “私はしません, but I’m trying to but you’re making me sad the way you just stormed like that.

The reality star replied: “なぜなら, sis, I’m really going through some s**t. And it’s like, just give me the time to process s**t. お気に入り, I need to process it.

Just give me the time. When I decide what I’m going to do, I will let you know.

彼女は続けた: “お気に入り, I’m really about to get a divorce. I’m trying to process it.


Ashley and Bar also discussed their then-floundering marriage on Teen Mom Family Reunion.

During the premiere, she confirmed her marriage to Bar as well as the unfortunate status of the relationship at the time.

Cheyenne Floyd sat down with her costar to get some answers, 尋ねる: “Let me look at your handas she noticed a ring on her wedding finger.

Ashley replied: “It’s what the f**k ever,” which seemed to confuse Cheyenne who followed up with, “You guys came together. Are you not together?”

Ashley revealed: “We’re married,” which further shocked Cheyenne.

She went on to explain: “We’re married but not together,” 彼女を追加します “decided this.

I have a lot of anger built up with Bar. I speak one language, he speaks another and we don’t hear each other,” Ashley said on the show, which flashed to an old Teen Mom episode featuring a blowup between them.

She said in a confessional that she was hopeful they mightget some tools to be able to speak to each other in the same language.

She reflected on some of Bar’s struggles, telling Cheyenne on the show: “He had an ankle monitor and that put him on the straight and narrow. He was on that for, お気に入り, a year and some change.

“その間, I saw so many positive things that’s when we got married. Now that it’s off, it’s just complacent.

Cheyenne advised: “I feel like you guys have been through so much together because you started so young and I don’t want you to use that as, お気に入り, a crutch or reason to say.

This is nothing against him.

Ashley went on to explain what she would need from Bar, the father of her only daughter, before she would get back together with him.

彼女は言いました: “In order for me to put the ring back on, I need to see him do a few things.

I need to see him go to school or get a trade.

If you wanna hunt f**king chickens, hunt chickens but do it good and be serious about the things.

She then told Cheyenne: “I want more. Either you’re gonna give me more or we’re gonna be headed towards the D-word,” meaning divorce.


It appears they have made it work.

今月上旬, Bar boasted about his wife’s plastic surgery in a steamy Instagram post.

The Teen Mom Shade Room gossip account on Instagram shared several posts from Malorie Beaver – her former costar – calling Ashley out and insulting her recent boob job.

1つの投稿で, 彼女は書いた: “If Ashley wants to fight me or [レイチェル] yall can let her know im down anytime any place.

“She should’ve kept that fake a** mouth shut & not threatened my sister. You want on you get both.”

別の読み物: “We love when we complement girls and they take it & turn it into some stupid drama.”

The third, which led to Ashley’s husband Bar inserting himself into the fight, 読んだ: “Ashley’s botched titis are ganna pop from all this drama she started.”

The Teen Mom initially defended herself, hitting back on the gossip account’s post, 書き込み: “My t*ts cost her trailer and the lot she pays to park it on.”

Then Bar swooped in: “Lol for clarification guys, Ashley t**ties look great.

I see em all the time, actually had one in my mouf yesterday.”


Ashley and Bar tied the knot in a private ceremony off camera.

They revealed the details of their special day in an early episode of Teen Mom 2, shocking viewers.

Ashley revealed that she and Bar had tied the knot prior to filming, adding that they didn’t even exchange vows at a local court house.

The MTV star told cameras: “While the cameras weren’t around, Bar and I went and got married.

It wasn’t even a court house ceremony. We just had my mom sign the documents.


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We didn’t take a single photo, we didn’t have a nice dinner.

彼女は続けた: “I literally think we went to Jack in the Box.

During the episode she admitted to her sister that she was 'going through some s**t'

During the episode she admitted to her sister that she was ‘going through some s**tクレジット: MTV
Ashley and Bar are parent to daughter Holly

Ashley and Bar are parent to daughter Hollyクレジット: インスタグラム
The pair appear to still be together

The pair appear to still be togetherクレジット: ソーシャルメディア – ソースを参照してください
Their marriage woes also featured on Teen Mom Family Reunion

Their marriage woes also featured on Teen Mom Family Reunionクレジット: MTV



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