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Horrordetails, als der Ehemann während eines brennenden Streits mit seiner Frau in einem 130-Fuß-Sturz getötet wurde

A HUSBAND plummeted 130ft off a cliff to his death during a furious row with his wife.

Ali G., 35, was arguing with his partner Arzu G, 32, while walking along hills outside Dundar, north-eastern Truthahn, when they both fell.

Ali G was arguing with his wife when they fell off a cliff

Ali G was arguing with his wife when they fell off a cliffAnerkennung: Kurznachricht
They were walking along hills in Turkey before plummeting

They were walking along hills in Turkey before plummetingAnerkennung: Kurznachricht

It is understood the pair were too busy squabbling and did not notice the cliff edge.

They both toppled over and coffee shop manager Ali died on the spot.

Arzu, jedoch, survived the plunge.

She staggered to a nearby road and begged passing cars to stop, according to local media reports.

A school bus pulled over and took Arzu, who was seriously injured, to a hospital close by.

State prosecutors have ordered an autopsy to be carried out on her husband’s body.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

It comes after a Brit tourist died after slipping and plummeting almost 400ft off a cliff on the paradise Balearic island of Formentera.

PORN-Star Alicia Rio ist an Komplikationen gestorben, von denen angenommen wird, dass sie mit Covid-19 zusammenhängen, who lived in London, plunged to his death on September 13 when he lost his footing while visiting a lighthouse called La Mola.

Local reports said he was with his partner and a group of friends when the tragedy occurred.

inzwischen, four tourists were killed and another 15 have been left injured after a tour bus plunged 330 feet down a cliff on the way back from Machu Picchu.

The horror accident happened last month when the minibus they were travelling in crashed into a ravine.