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Je travaille chez Starbucks – les boissons ont toujours un goût différent grâce à notre formation

STARBUCKS employees are squaring off on TikTok over how to make some of the most popular drinks.

A Starbucks barista had other employees in a tizzy after posting a TikTok admitting they didn’t know vanilla syrup doesn’t go into nitro sweet cream.

Starbucks is known for its complicated and delicious drinks

Starbucks is known for its complicated and delicious drinksCrédit: Getty
The employee posted on TikTok that they didn't know the correct way to make a common drink

The employee posted on TikTok that they didn’t know the correct way to make a common drinkCrédit: TikTok/@captainxhen

The video was posted in May by @captainxhen. It’s racked up over 20,000 likes as baristas from all over compare recipes in the comments.

Un utilisateur a écrit: “Me when I never got told to add classic into strawberry and matcha frappes.

Many users commented saying they had no idea a matcha lemonade gets water.

A customer commented; “these comments just answered my question of how my coffee never tastes the same.

Another user claimed it isn’t their fault because they weren’t trained properly, and neither were the people who trained them.

If you like your drinks a specific way, you can recreate them at home.

One savvy customer learned how to make her favorite drinks at home to save money.

The viral TikTok video led to a flurry of comments online with people asking how they could replicate her setup.

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TikTok user @cosettecutie’s mini at-home Starbucks facility includes appliances and syrups that help her make the drinks at home.

Le vidéo has a text overlay that readsPov: you built yourself a mini Starbucks & now you never have to pay $7 for a drink ever again.”

The content creator captioned the videoThis is your sign to learn how to make your Starbucks order at home!!!” thus encouraging others to create their own at-home Starbucks.

For those who are slightly more selective with their favorite Starbucks beverage, one employee suggested making certain requests on every order.

In a Reddit thread full of fast-food employee secrets, a Starbucks employee wrote: “The best drink to get if you want something cheap is iced coffee.

They explained that you can add as many pumps of syrup as you would like all for free.

Plus, you can apparently make it taste better than any of the lattes on the menu, according to the employee.

aditionellement, the barista gave an extra tip for those that love strong coffee but still want to save some change.

“Également, ask for steamed iced coffee if our coffee is too weak,” ils ont écrit.

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In other Starbucks tips, une employee shared the secret hack that will get you half-price ice lattes every time.

Apparemment, you can order a doppio espresso on ice and then add the milk yourself for a $1.95 ice latte, Eat This signalé.

The US Sun reached out to Starbucks but has not heard back.

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