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Moneda de dinosaurio Hylaeosaurus 50p: Cuánto vale?

THERE’S no more roar-some find than discovering a rare coin in your changebut if it’s the Dinosaur Hylaeosaurus 50p that you fish out from the back of the sofa you could be quids in.

The coin was issued in 2020 along with others in a collection including the Dinosaur Megalosaurus 50p coin.

The coin features the Hylaeosaurus dinosaur

The coin features the Hylaeosaurus dinosaurCrédito: Westminster Collection

The Royal Mint issued the series to celebrate the Discovery of Dinosaurs and it became a major collaboration with the Natural History Museum.

And just like the other two that made up the three part bundle, the reverse of the Hylaeosaurus 50pag was designed by palaeo-artist Robert Nicholls.

It of course features the mighty Hylaeosauruswhich was one of the first dinosaurs to be discovered.

The design was never released into circulation, but instead issued in Brilliant Uncirculated packs that you could buy from official vendors.


Dinosaur Megalosaurus 50p coin: Cuánto vale?


Dinosaur Megalosaurus 50p coin: Cuánto vale?

But for how much, and how much does that mean it’s worth now?

Usted puede buy the 50p coin on The Royal Mint’s website for £10.

Want all three in the complete collection, and you’d find you’re forking out £30.

But since the rare coin was minted two years ago, there’s every chance it could still pop up in your change if someone had removed it from its pack and spent it at face value instead.

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If that’s the case you could look to eBay to see how much other bidders are willing to put down for a copy of their own.

One seller had a managed to make as much as £26.29 from the coin on the online auction site.

The coin had attracted the attention of five bidders, who between them placed seven bids.

Ultimately that meant the coin sold for over 52 times its face valueof 50p.

Rare coins and valuable notesis yours worth a mint?

How rare are other 50ps in my change?

This dino design is a quirky and very unique 50p, but there are plenty of similar strikes out there that will attracted the same kind of attention.

One of the rarest is the Kew Gardens 50p, which we often see selling for hundreds of pounds on eBay.

But even furry friends on the designs from the Beatrix Potter 50p collection will spring up and sell for over face value, from time to time.

And there’s even a whole Olympic range that collectors are keen to complete.

So if you spot something a bit different to the usual shield or Britannia designs normally found on 50ps, you could be quids-in.

That being said, a coin is only worth what someone is willing to bid on it.

Normally designs with a low mintage can be more valuable to collectors as they become increasingly harder to get their hands on.

We don’t know exactly how many were minted of this coinbut that could be something that still interests the right collector.

You can check in with experts like Coin Hunter, Change Checker, o The Royal Mint though to see what your change is worththey’ll give you the most accurate result.

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But beware of fakesthe experts should be able to help you will that.

And keep in mind that a buyer could always pull out, which means the coin won’t have sold for the price it says it has.

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