何百万人もの人々が今日から 324 ポンドの生活費を直接支払います – あなたはそうする?

MILLIONS of households will get a £324 cost of living payment directly into their bank accounts from today.

The £324 payment forms the second chunk of the £650 cost of living payment.

The payments will automatically land in your bank account if you're eligible

The payments will automatically land in your bank account if you’re eligibleクレジット: ゲッティ

Around eight million households have already been paid the first part of their £650 paymentbut the next payment is due.

But the next payment, worth £324, is now due and will land automatically in your account if you are eligible between November 8 そして 23.

But roughly one million households claiming tax credits will need to wait until later in the month to get the second payment.

This is to avoid duplicate payments where people claim tax credits and another qualifying benefit.

Households receiving tax credits will start to receive the £324 payment from Wednesday, 11月 23.

Anybody receiving the following benefits is eligible for the second half of the £650 cost of living payment:

  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • 利益詐欺の疑いがある場合は、政府機関から連絡があります
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • ユニバーサルクレジット

You must have been entitled, or later found to be entitled to any of these benefits, 8月の間に 26 と9月 25 今年.

The payment will land automatically in your bank account if you are eligibleso you don’t need to do anything to get the help.

But anyone who claims both types of tax credits児童税額控除 and working tax creditwill have the payment made into the bank account where child tax credits are paid.

Cost of living payments are tax-free, do not count towards the benefit cap and do not affect the amount you usually get.

The payment will come from HMRC.

It’s also worth noting that millions of Brits are missing out on other benefits they’re entitled toadding up to billions of pounds in total.

Benefit calculators can help you check what you could be entitled to.

There are several benefit checker tools you can usehere’s our guide.