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I fan di questa mattina confusi mentre Dermot ospita da solo mentre Alison "scompare".’

THIS Morning fans have been left confused as Dermot O’Leary hosted alone as Alison Hammond “scomparso” durante lo spettacolo.

Fans noticed how the TV presenter disappeared from one segment of the show as Dermot, 49, interviewed one of the guests alone.

Dermot was spotted on the sofa alone as Alison went missing

Dermot was spotted on the sofa alone as Alison went missingCredito: ITV
He sat down with Ted Lasso actor Phil Dunster

He sat down with Ted Lasso actor Phil DunsterCredito: ITV

This Morning star Dermot was joined by Ted Lasso actor Phil Dunster to discuss his latest TV programme on the iconic blue sofa.

tuttavia, invece di Alison, 47, being sat next to himfans noticed that the host was alone in asking the questions.

As Dermot quizzed the actor on his role in Amazon Prime’s new series The Devil’s Hour, This Morning fans were left distracted.

They took to social media to question where Alison had gone after she “scomparso”, hoping thatshe was OKafter suddenly leaving.

What happened to Alison?” ha chiesto un fan, as another chimed in: “Was this a planned solo interview or has she disappeared?”

Un terzo è intervenuto: “I hope Aliso is OK, strange how she’s suddenly come off the show,” come ha detto un quarto: “What happened to Alison?”

Meanwhile a fifth concluded: “Alison’s nipped off?!”

Luckily for worried viewers, Alison returned just moments later as she and Dermot were seen tucking into Halloween-themed snacks.

It comes after TV star Alison broke her silence on the rumours of a feud with her This Morning co-star Dermot.

The much-loved telly star is baffled why people think they don’t get on, despite viewers pointing to times the former X Factor presenter has appeared to snap at her on air.

Parlando con GKBarry on the Saving Grace podcast, lei disse: “I can’t tell you how wrong they actually are. I love the fact that people think that. I’m going keep that going.

“Like we’re still distancing! But seriously I love the fact people think we’ve got beef, it’s hilarious.

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“Go ‘babes, people think we hate each other, let’s do a couple of things on the telly like stand further apart’.

“Honestly I can’t tell you how much I love that man, he’s so funny.”

Alison was missing from one interview in the show

Alison was missing from one interview in the showCredito: Getty