Ich flog, um meinen libanesischen Toyboy zu treffen, und es war eine Katastrophe, sagt 90 Day Fiancé-Star

BRAND new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé UK are now streaming, and one upcoming episode sees as Yorkshire lass Bridie has a nightmare time with her new man.

The feisty mum-of-two has jetted off on her dream getaway to meet boyfriend Host in his home of Beirut, Libanon.

Bridie isn't happy with her man, Host

Bridie isn’t happy with her man, Host
Host drives them around Beirut

Host drives them around Beirut

jedoch, things didn’t quite go to plan, with the couple falling out numerous times.

The series, which is now available to steam every Sunday exclusively on discovery+ follows the journey of multiple long-distance couples.

Viewers have already seen the struggle Bridie had getting to Lebanon in the first place, missing two different flights out there.

After finally arriving, the Rotheram-based mum shared an emotional moment with Host.


I fell for bloke 5,000 Meilen weit weg - but feared he'd dump me over secret struggle


I fell for bloke 5,000 Meilen weit weg – but feared he’d dump me over secret struggle

jedoch, problems begin to surface after Bridie confronts Host about some comments made by his uncle.

His uncle and confidance, Wissam, spoke to Bridie and revealed he has a bit of a flirtatious side when he goes out clubbing in Beirut.

Er sagte ihr: “He’s a young guy, he’s active, he’s handsome.

So, if we have some girls with us, he talks to them,” Wissam reveals.

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“When he drinks, he gets more friendly. Before he knows you, of course he used to talk to girls.”

For Bridie, the revelation that Host hits the town with other girls has her feeling jealous.

She tells the camera: “Wissam did just say all those things about how he [Host] is when he’s out and things.

And Lebanese women are hot, they are so beautiful.

At the hotel, Bridie confronts her man while ironing one of his shirts, Sprichwort: “He said that sometimes you do have girls going out with you guys.

You didn’t tell me because you thought I was going to kick off, so you’d rather just not say who was there.”

In Beantwortung, Host tries to remove himself from the firing line. “This is an awkward subject to bring up right now," er sagt, before going quiet.

As Bridie reveals, Host’s introverted reaction surprises her: “Host just got mad, or sad, or something.

“I don’t understand why he is reacting how he is reacting.”

Things become awkward for the pair, as Host says: “We’ve talked about this like one million and one times.

“I’m frustrated that we’re talking about this because we’ve tackled this jealousy issue before.”

Things don’t get easier for the pair, as a meal which was meant to be between Bridie, Host and his uncle, turns into a huge affair.

Bridie had stated she doesn’t like being in big groups, but Host changed the booking at the restaurant from three people, to eight, without telling her.

She told the camera: “Back at the hotel, I heard him [Host] telling the restaurant that the table is for eight people; the day that was me, him and his uncle is now a meal for eight.”

The meal doesn’t go well either, with Bridie’s frustrations obvious, and the language barrier causing issues.

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Sie sagt: “They talk fast, they talk loud, it’s not the most ideal situation for me.

With their first in person visit heading to a tense conclusion, is this a sign of things to come for Host and Bridie?

The brand-new series of 90 Day Fiancé UK is available to stream now exclusively on discovery+, with new episodes dropping every Sunday

He isn't impressed with Bridie's attitude

He isn’t impressed with Bridie’s attitude