EASTENDERS fans can’t wait for Phil Mitchell to take revenge on sister Sam after discovering she let his son Ben take drugs.

The Walford hardmanwho is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soapis devastated after his son Ben ended up in a coma after an overdose.

Eastenders Sam Mitchell let her nephew Ben take drugs

Eastenders Sam Mitchell let her nephew Ben take drugsクレジット: BBC

And he’s been blaming himselfsomething Sam has been using to gain his trust.

Viewers know Sam is working with rival gangster Jonah to destroy her brother’s empire.

Sam convinced Phil he could trust her and he opened up about what Ben was going through.

“When Paul died, we didn’t know it wasn’t Ben who had been attacked," 彼は言った.

“I thought we’d lost him, I thought he was gone. And now he’s just laying in there.

“I saw him in a state last week, he was on something. Maybe he did it again tonight? I should’ve talked to him about it but I was hoping it was a one off.

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イーストエンダーズのネタバレ: ジーン、サプライズ家族と共に衝撃のカムバック


イーストエンダーズのネタバレ: ジーン、サプライズ家族と共に衝撃のカムバック

“He’s had a lot on, he needs us. 「「

“Well I’m going nowhere,” Sam said.

She began trying to manipulate Phil into giving her the club and giving her more control over the Mitchell businesses.

She left and Kathy arrivedand she gave Phil some home truths.


Rebekah Vardy 故障 & 彼女はWagathaの確執に「がっかりした」と言います


Rebekah Vardy 故障 & 彼女はWagathaの確執に「がっかりした」と言います

Pointing out how Phil made it impossible for Ben to open up to him, she was left raging with his self-pity, sending him home with a flea in his ear.

But when he got home, Sharon arrived with a bombshell that made Phil realise it wasn’t his fault.

“None of it’s your fault,” she told Phil.

“It’s Sam. Ben’s been buying from the dealers in the club and Sam’s been letting it happen.”

Viewers are now convinced Phil will take revenge on his sister.

ある人は書いた: “I think you’ll find Sam, you’ll be going somewhere when Phil finds out what’s been going on with Jonah.


Sainsbury's や Tesco など、ガソリン価格を大幅に値下げしているスーパーマーケットの全リスト



秒は言った: “Phil making me sad, すごい”

別の追加: “Sam feeling guilty so she should.

Phil Mitchell was disappointed learning the truth about his sister

Phil Mitchell was disappointed learning the truth about his sisterクレジット: BBC