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La mia vicina ha dipinto la sua porta di ROSA e la odio – non siamo a Disneyland

RAGING Brits have slammed theirtastelessneighbour for painting her door bright PINK.

Locals dubbed the bold frontageabsolutely appalling” – and blasted: “It looks like Disneyland.”

Bill Giles, 86, slammed his 'tasteless' neighbour's pink door

Bill Giles, 86, slammed his ‘tastelessneighbour’s pink doorCredito: Andrea Barr
Locals claim the pink door doesn't fit in

Locals claim the pink door doesn’t fit inCredito: Andrea Barr
Miranda Dickson painted her door a bold pink colour

Miranda Dickson painted her door a bold pink colourCredito: SWNS

Bill Giles, 86, said his neighbour Miranda Dickson’s bold door is abloody horriblecolour whichdoesn’t fit inwith their Georgian properties in Edimburgo.

He backed the council ordering Mirandaa brand ambassador for Absolut Vodka – per paint over it.

Conto – who has lived on the street with his wife for 50 anni – ha detto al The Sun: “I don’t like the pink door.

I think it’s an absolutely appalling colour and that lady just has no taste.

She put online photographs of the whole house and it’s a decorator’s nightmare.

Everything clashes. And the front of the house looks like Disneyland has come.

The New Town is very precious, and it needs to be preserved.

It’s got such a big reaction because it’s a bloody horrible colour, it’s appalling.

I don’t think that the council will back down and I think that Miranda is probably going to have to repaint her front door.

But other neighbours backed Miranda’s pink door.

Iain Percival, 74, disse: “I just think it’s something that people shouldn’t get too bothered about.

I think it would be quite nice actually to have a whole variety of coloured doors.

I think it’s quite handy.

You can say ‘Oh I live two doors down from the pink door’ or ‘I live just across the street from the pink door’, it’s handy actually it’s a landmark.

“Così, letterbox red is okay but lilac pink is not? Where’s the logic in that?

“If she were to get fined there would be a reaction of ‘totally outrageous and quite right’, from the neighbours.

You see this split in people at the annual garden party that we have.


“I’ve just ordered a bunch of nesting boxes for the communal garden, when they arrive, I might paint them all pink. It won’t bother the birds.”

Joe Da Costa, 72, disse: “This raises the question of what is heritage and what is the conservation of heritage.

I’ve wanted to paint my door and I’ve thought about something fairly bright, but the question was always whether it is in-keeping with the conservation of the heritage of the area.

“Should we be living as Georgians or should we be going more modernbecause they didn’t have that colour of pink at that time whereas we do nowBut I’m cool with it.

“This is quite a deep societal matter, one person put it to me that if you want to live like Georgians, let’s take the plumbing out, take the lights and live like the Georgians do.

Lo scorso mese, Miranda received a letter from officials ordering her to paint over her light pink door.

The 48-year-old brand ambassador for Absolut Vodka was told she had to change the colour of the door to a moresuitable” ombra.

Miranda asked for clarification from the council about what colours she could choose from but said they were unable to advise her.

She was left confused after spotting dozens of bright coloured doors around the surrounding streets of her home.

tuttavia, the ultimatum is believed to have stemmed from a complaint from an anonymous resident nearby.

Miranda was left with just over a week left to lodge an appeal in order to save her pink door.

Hitting back at her neighbour Bill’s complaint, Miranda said: “Wow would be my first reaction!

I would love to know which neighbour said thateveryone is entitled to their own opinions of course!

Maybe everyone needs a little Disney magic in their lives and having lived in Los Angeles and spent a lot of time at Disneyland I’m flattered that my humble front door could even be compared to a theme park that brings joy to millions of people every year.

As for the comments about the interior of my house, I’m sorry if my house which I live in with my family offends anyone’s tastebut it is MY house.

I’m quite surprised anyone is so unneighbourly to feel comfortable commenting so publicly on something so personal as the décor in a neighbours family home.

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A spokesperson for The City of Edinburgh Council said: “The colour of the door is not in keeping with the historic character and appearance of this listed building in the New Town, part of our World Heritage Site.

The owner agreed the door would be repainted but as this work has not been carried out, we are taking enforcement action requiring them to repaint the door.”

Bill backed the council ordering Miranda - a brand ambassador for Absolut Vodka - to paint over it

Bill backed the council ordering Mirandaa brand ambassador for Absolut Vodkato paint over itCredito: Andrea Barr