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Corps de papa britannique, 51, qui a plongé dans le lac pour sauver son fils retrouvé après 3 semaines

THE body of a “héros” Brit dad who dived into a lake to save his son has been found more than three weeks after he vanished.

Aran Chada, 51, leapt into the water in Italy’s Lake Garda after spotting his teenage lad in trouble swimming on July 22.

Aran Chada was on holiday with his wife and two kids when he jumped into a lake to help his son

Aran Chada was on holiday with his wife and two kids when he jumped into a lake to help his son
The 51-year-old's body has been found weeks after his disappeared

The 51-year-old’s body has been found weeks after his disappearedCrédit: Linkedin

Le sien family feared him dead as he failed to resurface after helping his son onto a boat.

They believed oil executive Aran, from Leicestershire, had a seizure from the shock of the cold water before disappearing beneath the surface.

The Italian Coastguard said his body was found on Tuesday, more than three weeks on inmore or less in the areawhere he was last seen following an extensive search using underwater drones.

Un porte-parole a dit: “The drowning was probably caused by an illness following the rescue that Mr Chada had carried out on the child, who was in danger.

Aran was on holiday with his partner Holly Mosley, 39, and their two kids, vieilli 14 and seven, when tragedy struck.

The family had rented the boat at the start of their holiday to celebrate Aran’s birthday.

A witness said: “He managed to get the boy back to the boat, where he was pulled in by his mother.

But the man then slipped beneath the surface, perhaps suffering a seizure.”

His wife raised the alarmsparking a huge rescue operation involving police, a helicopter and naval and firefighter dive teams equipped with sonar and remote-operated vehicles.

After Aran disappeared, Holly’s visibly shaken brother James told The Sun: “It’s devastating. What my sister and the family is going through is unimaginable.”

The coastguard, in comments first reported in The Times, previously said Aran may have suffered a thermal shock seizure.

Temperatures were around 38C but the water wasa good 10 degrees colder”.

Parlant à l'époque, coastguard commander Antonello Ragadale told the paper: “This man was a hero and we fear he drowned, but we’re doing everything we can to find his body.

The Foreign Office said in a statement: “We are supporting the family of a British man who has died in North Italy and are in contact with the local authorities.

ça vient après six people tragically drowned in Lake Garda within a month.