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I turned my cats into rugs to sell onlinemy work divides opinion

A TAXIDERMIST has divided opinion after advertising his collection of “disgusting” ornamental rugs online.

Photos of several dead cats were uploaded to the auction site Trade Meleaving social media users stunned.

The lister was auctioning off the stuffed bodies of his dead 'farm cats'

The lister was auctioning off the stuffed bodies of his dead ‘farm catsCrédit: TradeMe/Get Stuffed

In the listing, les Nouvelle-Zélande based lister Andrew Lancaster showed off his unorthodox accessories online, describing the pieces as suitable for “home, Bureau, shop display, or mancave.”

“For those of you that can’t afford a Lion, Tiger, Loup, Zebra, Bear skin rug, here is the Cat skin rug,” the description read.

The auction took place in 2018 and reportedly attracted more than 85 bidders during it’s first few days with items reaching hundreds of pounds.

The unusual list of taxidermy included a mounted version of his own pet cat and a possum rug.

“One of my old farm cats that died a few years ago and has been in my freezer and recently mounted,” the businessman explained.

“It’s in great condition with grey and white coat. 95cm nose to tail and 50cm at widest.”

While the seller clearly saw no issue putting his old working animals up for sale, social media users were revolted at theshameful” entraine toi.

“Shame on you Trade Me for allowing this,” one disturbed user wrote on Facebook.

“I’m a dog lover myself not really into cats..but this seems very sad to be honest. If it was a dog I’d be beside myself. Very sad strange and weird to say the least,»A ajouté un autre.

Some were so disgusted that they even urged the bidding site to remove the items from sale.

“That is not only sick but very sad, Trade Me need to take it down,” one wrote.

“It’s disgusting and anybody that buys that should be ashamed of themselves, no animal should be treated like that.”

The stuffed cats weren’t the only bizarre item up for bidding on the website.

A very realistic mounted duck with wings featured on the site as well as a troubling jar of dead baby rabbits.

“Looking alien-like, these five unborn baby rabbits were found inside the mother which was recently taxidermied,” the description read.

“Locked inside their time capsule jar of meths they should last for years.”

The seller also claimed the jar of dead baby rabbits would look “great when lit up” at the “home, office or shop displays.”

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toutefois, the items are certainly not the worst taxidermy to be put out into the world.

The Sun previously listed some of the worst examples of the macabre trade – and the results are almost certain to knock the stuffing out of you.

A jar of dead baby rabbits was also up for sale, described as 'Taxidermy Aliens'

A jar of dead baby rabbits was also up for sale, described as ‘Taxidermy AliensCrédit: TradeMe/Get Stuffed
The lister reportedly mounts and stuffs numerous animals

The lister reportedly mounts and stuffs numerous animalsCrédit: TradeMe/Get Stuffed