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I’m in pain every time I wee but I’m afraid to go to the Doctor

QUERIDA DEIDRE: I AM in pain every time I go to the toilet but I’m afraid to see the doctor about it.

I’m a 52-year-old male, and around three weeks ago I first experienced a sharp feeling when I went to the loo.

Inicialmente, I thought nothing of it and decided to ignore it. I assumed the discomfort would resolve itself. But as time went on it got progressively worse.

Now I feel a constant burning sensation and no matter what I do, it won’t go away.

I always feel the urge to pee, but I can never actually go. Every time I try, nothing seems to come out.

While my wife and I don’t have regular sexo, when we tried the other day, I noticed a discoloured stain on the bed afterwards. I was so freaked out I hid it.

I’m in pain all the time, but I’m afraid if I go to the doctor they will tell me that something is terribly wrong with me. Por favor ayuda.

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DICE DEIDRE: From what you have written, you may have an infection.

This is very common, so it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

sin embargo, you are unlikely to get any permanent relief unless you visit a doctor.

I urge you to pick up the phone so you don’t suffer in silence. It could be something as simple as a water infection and you just need some antibiotics.

Mientras tanto, keep drinking lots of water and steer clear of alcohol.