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¿Quién es Paul Doyle??

PAUL Doyle had a criminal career which spanned over five decades but now insists he is a changed man.

los gangster was jailed in 2015 after being unmasked as the head of a drugs ring in Manchester.

The ex-gangster Paul Doyle has changed his life around

The ex-gangster Paul Doyle has changed his life aroundCrédito: YouTube

¿Quién es Paul Doyle??

Paul Doyle was a big-time crook from Salford conocido como “One Punch Doyle”.

In his criminal yearswhich spanned 50 años – he was feared and respected by other fellow Salford criminals.

The Manchester hardman made his reputation in a single night at the city’s Pips nightclub in the early Seventies.

In a quick fight, he managed to knock out five people who tried their chances against him, with each one falling by a single blow.

Detectives in the city knew him as ahandy ladwho was not to be messed with.

One detective said after viewing CCTV of Doyle knocking someone else out thatit was one the best punches I’ve ever seen”.

He became a gangster, drug dealer, robber and Manchester unido hooligan.

Doyle’s troubles date back to his youth.

He was one of seven children born to a Jewish mother and an Irish father in the late 1950s.

When his parents split he went to live with his father along with two of his siblings.

Doyle told documentary maker, James English, that his dad worked long hours, so he and his brother would burgle shops, which led to run-ins with the policía.

His behaviour landed him in care where he learned how to defend himself.

A la edad de 12 he was arrested and Doyle said he landed in hospital when he fought back after officers hit him.

A 16, he was part of a group who robbed a warehouse, managing to get away with £3,500.

When was Paul Doyle released from prison?

En octubre 2022, it was announced that Doyle had been released from prison on licence at the age of 64.

He had served half of a 16-year sentence.

The 5ft 8inch former gangster has now vowed to use his newfound freedom to steer young people away from crimen.

Él dijo: “A través de los años, with experience, I’ve come to realise there are different ways of doing things than just going back and forth from prison.

When I saw young lads in prison, they are like zombies.

The person I was then isn’t the person I am now. I can’t go back to that life.

If I breach my licence, I’ll be going away for a very long time.

Since being released from prisión, he released a book called Surviving The Madness which details his life as a criminal.

Why did Paul Doyle go to prison?

Doyle was jailed in 2015 for plotting to flood the north with large quantities of heroin, cocaína, canabis and amphetamines worth £300million.

He used the money to pay for a comfortable life in an £800,000 home in Altrincham, Gran Manchester.

His neighbours had no idea about what the hardman was up to until the police came knocking in 2014.

Doyle bought the property in 2004 – shortly after being released from a seven-year sentence for drug dealing.

At the time he was claiming tax credits and other handouts, saying two heart attacks made him unable to work.

He fraudulently claimed that his wife was an executive and earned £200,000 to secure a mortgage.

Monthly mortgage repayments were about £3,000 but the accounts were consistently in arrears.

As Doyle failed to pay the monthly repayments, he became involved in a series of major wholesale drug deals which ultimately led to his arrest.

Fue sentenciado a 16 years in prison but served only eight.

Does Paul Doyle have any children?

Doyle lost his family home in Altrincham when he was imprisoned.

los Noticias de la noche de Manchester reported that Paul Doyle raised 11 children when he lived in his £800,000 house.

The family have since lost the property and Mrs Doyle is now living in a council house in Salford.

It is believed that he is still married.