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Locais de filmagem de Tokyo Vice: Onde foi filmado o drama?

TOKYO Vice is based on American journalist Jake Adelstein’s non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat.

Starring Golden Globe nominee Ansel Elgort as Adelstein, here is where the series was filmed.

Tokyo vice stars Ansel Elgort as Adelstein

Tokyo vice stars Ansel Elgort as AdelsteinCrédito: HBO

Where was Tokyo Vice filmed?

Filming for the series commenced on March 5, 2020.

Contudo, production halted less than two weeks later due to the Covid-19 pandemia.

Prazo final reported that filming resumed in November 2020 and concluded in June 2021.

The series was first shown in the nós no início 2022, before making its way onto the BBC.

Tóquio, Japão

It may come as no surprise that the series was actually filmed on location in Tóquio.

Filming on location always makes for a more authentic and credible project.

The cast and crew were spotted filming in the neon-lit alleyways of Kabukicho.

Kabukicho is known to be an entertainment district located in the ward of Shinjuku.

It’s home to many famous host and hostess clubs.

The drama filmed a few sequences at Shinjuku Golden Gai, which consists of a collection of six narrow alleys that connect by even slimmer passageways.

Ao longo dos anos, more and more studios are choosing to film their upcoming projects in Tokyo.

Kabukicho has served as a filming location for several movies such as The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Paper Planes, and the Academy Award-nominated road drama Drive My Car.

Can I visit Kabukicho?

sim, you can visit Kabuicho.

This district is exactly what makes Japanese nightlife what it is.

All the buildings are surrounded by neon lights, unique bars and restaurants.

And whether you are a fan of gaming, the Japanese lifestyle or anime, Kabikucho holds good inspiration for all of these.

Kabukicho is considered a must-visit for anyone visiting Tokyo.

When is Tokyo Vice on TV and how can I watch it?

The UK release date has been confirmed for Tuesday, 22 novembro.

The first episode will air on BBC One no 9:10 Enormes chamas irrompem enquanto um grande incêndio atinge armazém de Illinois.

All eight episodes are available to stream right now on Starzplay.

The series previously premiered on HBO Max in the US.