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Les fans de Kardashian critiquent Kris’ "bénéficier" de son petit-enfant Dream dans une publicité Amazon "dégoûtante"

KARDASHIAN fans have slammed Kris Jenner forprofitingoff her granddaughter.

The momager and Rêver, 5, co-starred in an Amazon commercial many calledgross exploitation.

Kardashian fans slammed Kris for 'profiting off' her namesake granddaughter, 5

Kardashian fans slammed Kris for ‘profiting offher namesake granddaughter, 5Crédit: Amazon Glow
Rob Kardashian's daughter Dream was used by Kris Jenner for a 'gross' ad even if she was 'cute' & 'a promising actress'

Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream was used by Kris Jenner for a ‘grossad even if she was ‘cute’ & ‘a promising actressCrédit: Amazon Glow

Kris, 55, and Dream Kardashianwhose parents are Rob Kardashian and Blac Chynawere costars for two full minutes thanks to Amazon.

The granddaughter-grandmother duo comprised the ensemble cast of a new commercial.

It’s for the Amazon Glow interactive video calling tablet- the two interacted and played games virtually using the new system.

The ad began with Kris logging on at “6:56 a.m.” de “somewhere in California” pour elle “3rd meeting of the dayas the text read and cheery music played.

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Inside Rob's daughter Dream's Barbie-themed 5th birthday party


Inside Rob’s daughter Dream’s Barbie-themed 5th birthday party

Hi Dream! Thanks so much for squeezing me in this morning,” she told the adorable tot over video.

What are you up to, Lovey?” Dream then maturely asked her grandmother.

I’m working really hard at getting my summer glow on,” Kris replied.

They then played a game of ‘Memory match’, as the businesswoman joked, “I can remember the name of all my children and almost all of my grandchildren.

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La star de Geordie Shore attend son premier bébé et plaisante "il est temps de grandir"


La star de Geordie Shore attend son premier bébé et plaisante "il est temps de grandir"’

When she asked Dream, “So what’s the latest?” the younster, wearing a pink dress as her grandmother was dressed in a patterned green top, hilariously responded, “Just living life.

Dream then threw on a pair of star-shaped, rose-tinted sunglasses.

After Dream won a game of Whack-A-Mole (virtually speaking) and Kris imparted some lessons, the famous figure concluded:

And here’s the most important lesson of allnothing beats family. Getting to spend time like this with you that’s the secret to my glow,’ dit-elle, extremely close to her lense.

When Kris then started beating her descendant at the games, Dream recanted a ‘Klassic’ ligne, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.


Fans of the fiendishly famous family could not believe the matriarch was expanding her client list to a third ‘Jenner’-ation.

A Reddit thread was titled, “the infamous amazon commercial with Dream dropped.

One commenter ripped, “Kris about to make her a Disney kid.

Un autre a écrit, “This is so adorable but also they’re monetizing this kid’s childhood which is gross.

Un troisième a écrit, “Dream is a better actress than Kriswhile a fourth called itDisturbing AFand anothera new season of Black Mirror.

As one more fan penned, “Very cute until the aggressive close-up on Kris at 1:35 Avant l'un des rassemblements.

Also maybe i’m reading too much into it but the ‘doing amazing sweetieline is from Kim’s Playboy photoshoot and it felt icky to hear a little girl say it.

Et un autre, “I’ve said it for years, they’re gonna pimp that kid out so much.

Rob is a doormat and Chyna needs the money, Kris has no conscience, Dream is the only next-gen Kardashian, and she is so stinkinadorable.


Dream’s parents have been involved in quite the legal fight.

Dad Rob found himself in the spotlight again due to the Kardashian legal battle with his baby mama.

En mai 2, 2022, une verdict was reached in Chyna’s defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians.

The jury ruled in favor of the famous family and dismissed Chyna’s claims.

Reports surfaced that revealed no damages would be awarded to the plaintiff.

Chyna’s beef with the Kardashian clan started nearly five years ago after in July of 2017, le spectacle, elle descend la route de Michael Jackson & Chyna, was put “on hold” by the E! réseau

Following this decision, Chyna sued the Kardashians for allegedly interfering with her career in reality TV.

Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, Raconté Nous hebdomadaire dans un 2020 statement that she would “seek millions in compensatory and punitive damages from Kris, Kim, Khloé, and Kylie [Jenner] pour diffamation, intentional interference with contract, and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage.

Although that lawsuit has ended, Rob has yet to have his final face-off with Chyna in court.

He was part of the heated trial over Rob & Chyna’s cancellation but still has to stand trial in an ugly revenge porn case against him.

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I'm a mom of twins who are only half-sisters - even doctors are blown away


I’m a mom of twins who are only half-sisterseven doctors are blown away

Rob is being sued by his baby mama after he allegedly leaked photos of her during their 2017 diviser, which took a nasty turn and played out online.

Now that the family trial is over, fans are questioning if Rob will make an appearance on The Kardashians on Huluhe didn’t for Season 1.

Kardashian fans slammed Kris for 'profiting' off Dream Kardashian with a 'gross' commercial for a new Amazon tablet

Kardashian fans slammed Kris for ‘profitingoff Dream Kardashian with a ‘grosscommercial for a new Amazon tabletCrédit: Amazon Glow
A close-up had some asking if this was 'a Black Mirror episode' but they loved Dream's lines

A close-up had some asking if this was ‘a Black Mirror episodebut they loved Dream’s linesCrédit: Amazon Glow
She is shared by Kris' son Rob Kardashian - his father is the late Robert Kardashian Sr. - and a warring Blac Chyna

She is shared by Krisson Rob Kardashianhis father is the late Robert Kardashian Sr. – and a warring Blac ChynaCrédit: krisjenner/Instagram