Drill rapper who stabbed 21 Savage’s bro to death with Rambo knife Is jailed

A DRILL rapper has today been jailed for stabbing the brother of 21 Savage while he was out shopping for his gran. 

Tyrece Fuller, 22,  killed Terell Davis-Emmons with a Rambo-style knife in Brixton, South London, last year. 

Terell Davis-Emmons was stabbed to death in Brixton last year

Terell Davis-Emmons was stabbed to death in Brixton last yearCredit: Instagram
21 Savage shared this childhood picture of him and Terrell Davis on Instagram

21 Savage shared this childhood picture of him and Terrell Davis on Instagram

Terell, brother of the Grammy award-winning rapper, was stabbed by the six inch blade after the two got into a violent confrontation on November 22. 

A court heard that both men had been armed when the fight broke out, but Fuller lunged at his victim after he had put his machete back into its sheath. 

One brave passer-by attempted to break up the fight and saw Fuller attack Mr Davis-Emmons after he had put his weapon away. 

CCTV captured Mr Davis-Emmons, 27, lifting up his shirt to look at his chest wound before immediately losing consciousness and falling face first into a bush.

Fuller has been jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of manslaughter after a trial in July, and was cleared of murder. 

But the cowardly killer refused to leave prison to attend his sentencing hearing – adding to the distress of his victim’s family. 

After the tragedy, 21 Savage paid tribute to his younger brother – sharing a childhood photo of him and Terrell on Instagram to his 13million followers.

The London-born rapper, real name Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, wrote: “Can’t believe somebody took you baby bro I know I took my anger out on you I wish I could take that s**t back.”

The half-brothers share the same father, Kevin Emmons, who today told the court that he had “faded away” after the death of his son. 

He said: “I have struggled with an emotional and psychological war within myself, comparable to that of an elevator that only goes down.

“His nan, my mother, still sits in her house waiting for Terrell to return with milk and juice.

 “I have seen so many messages from people he helped when they were in a bad place.

“Terrell had a bright future ahead of him. He had great ambitions in music and had started a painting and decorating course. He was on the right path to achieving his ambitions.

“We will never know the future that Terrell would have had and would have enjoyed. Any success he would have achieved, he would have selflessly shared with his family and people in the community.

“We will never get over the loss of Terrell.”


Fuller was also convicted of possessing a bladed article, and a court heard that he stabbed the aspiring drill rapper, known as TM1way, once in the chest. 

He claimed that he owed Mr Davis-Emmons £800 for a gambling debt, and that he had previously been threatened by him.

Inner London Crown Court heard that Fuller spotted his victim on the Blenheim Gardens Estate and ran to a nearby house to grab his weapon. 

He then returned to Mr Davis-Emmons and gave him a bear hug before punching him in the face and then stabbing him. 

Sentencing Fuller at Maidstone Crown Court Mr Justice Cavanagh said that he did not believe he was in “imminent danger” and had not acted in self defence. 

He said: “This is yet another tragic example of the curse of knife crime in London. 

“A young man’s life has needlessly been cut short by the willingness of young men to pick up a knife or blade and to use it when there are far easier and far safer and better ways of resolving the situation.

“Mr Davis-Emmons was obviously a very well-loved son, grandson and brother, who cared for his disabled brother, and was a talented musician.


“He looked after people in his community and had positive plans for the future. 

“The victim personal statement graphically described how Terell Davis-Emmons’s death has devastated his family and those who knew and loved him.”

Mr Justice Cavanagh accepted that the attack was premeditated, but slammed Fuller for failing to attend his sentencing hearing, which had already been adjourned after a previous no show.

He added: “A sentencing hearing is inevitably stressful, but that is no excuse for the convicted person refusing to attend it.

“To adjourn again would cause great inconvenience for the court and other court users, and, most importantly, it would exacerbate the distress of his victim’s family.

“I have been gravely disappointed by the fact he has not had the courage to attend court to face sentence.”

Fuller will have to serve two-thirds of his sentence before he can apply for parole, and will be given a copy of the sentencing remarks.

Rapper 21 Savage paid tribute to his 'baby bro' at the time of his death

Rapper 21 Savage paid tribute to his ‘baby bro’ at the time of his deathCredit: Instagram/21savage
Terrell had been out getting shopping for his grandmother at the time of the attack

Terrell had been out getting shopping for his grandmother at the time of the attack
Terrell's family paid tribute to the 'ambitious' musician

Terrell’s family paid tribute to the ‘ambitious’ musicianCredit: Instagram