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Driver fined £450 by police after driving without deicing their screen

A DRIVER has been slapped with a £450 fine by police after driving without deicing their screen.

Twitter users are shocked at the image uploaded, which showed the screen almost completely covered in snow.

The driver of this car was fined £450 for not de-icing his windscreen

The driver of this car was fined £450 for not de-icing his windscreenCrédito: Twitter @wspd8pio

The motorist in Washington received a hefty fine after being caught driving with their windscreen covered in snow.

Trooper Katherine Weatherwax published a tweet: “A trooper stopped this driver on SR 16 after the vehicle was observed to be completely covered in snow.

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The driver received a $553 ticket for negligent driving in the 2nd degree.

Please take the time to remove all snow from your vehicle before you leave the house.

The rear of the vehicle had just as much snow as the front,” Weatherwax told The News Tribune.

This comes after the driver was reported for erratic driving by another motorist.

The vehicle drove five additional miles before being stopped by police.

The driver told the police that their windshield wipers weren’t working.

No Reino Unido, The Highway Code states that windscreens and windows must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision.

Drivers can be fined £2,500 and get three penalty points.

Most Twitter users couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Um disse: “There is no excuse for driving like that.

Outro disse: “Deserved every penny of that fine.

A third pointed out: “That much snow needs more than just windshield wipers to remove.

Buy a brush and use it. Way cheaper than $550.