Asdaは価格を下げることを約束します – の完全なリストを参照してください 100 食品が落ちる

ASDA is the latest supermarket to promise lower prices at the checkout to help ease the cost of living crisis.

Shoppers will find cheaper price tags on more than 100 items on the retailer’s shelves.

Asda has slashed prices to help people with the cost of living crunch

Asda has slashed prices to help people with the cost of living crunchクレジット: ゲッティ

That includes Asda’s own products and brand names like John West Blue Dragon and Pataks.

And it covers essential ranging from fruit and veg to cereal, rice and cheese.

Not only will 買い物客 be getting cheaper prices after the drop, Asda has vowed to keep them locked at that until the end of the year.

Asda shoppers will be able to spot the discounted items with adropped and lockedlogo in store and online.

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It comes as millions of households face rising costs, ranging from food to energy bills.

Inflation has hit 7% and could rise further meaning that more of people’s incomes are going on the usual outgoings and for many that is leaving them short.

Recent official data form the Office for National Statistics shows the cost of some food products like margarine and other vegetable fats have shot up a whopping 37.2% 過去1年間.

Pasta and couscous have gone up by 14.9%, and jam, marmalade and honey by 13.6%.


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Another store cupboard staple, 卵, です 8% more expensive than this time last year.

More people than ever are looking to slash costs of everyday items, and the weekly shop is one of the major outgoings for families and individuals alike.

Asda’s new prices includes diced chicken breast, 500g, reduced from £3.87 to £3.65 and Asda’s own-brand bleach, 750ml, reduced from 80p to 75p.

The supermarket’s easy cook rice, 500g, will fall from £1 to 75p and Cheerios (300g) and Shreddies (390g) will both drop from £2.15 to £2.

But just because the price has been slashed doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the cheapest available.

For instance we spotted the same size chicken breast at Tesco for £3.20 and Morrisons own brand thick bleach is 49pboth cheaper than Asda.

Asda’s easy cook rice was the cheapest we found at 75p for that size, but Aldi offers a larger 1kg bag for £1 which works out cheaper overall.

Supermarkets can change the price of items from one day to the next, depending on a variety of factors like its own costs or deals and discounts.

That means the Asda items could be cheaper another day, but there are other ways to keep your shopping costs down too.

Asda isn’t the only supermarket lowering prices and Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have made similar moves to cut prices on certain items.

Here’s the full list of more than 100 items that Asda has cut prices on, plus more ways to save on your supermarket shop below.

Asda own brand

  • croissants 10pkwas £2.25 now £2.00
  • mini wraps 8pk plainwas £0.65 now £0.60
  • wraps 8pk whitewas £0.95 now £0.85
  • wraps 8pk whole wheatwas £0.95 now £0.85
  • wraps 8pk wholemealwas £0.95 now £0.85
  • custard slice 2pkwas £1.10 now £1.00
  • british cheddar 750g extra maturewas £3.75 now £3.50
  • british cheddar 750g maturewas £3.75 now £3.50
  • british cheddar 750gmildwas £3.75 now £3.50
  • mini eggs 12pk 216g 12pkwas £1.20 now £1.00
  • rolls 600g porkwas £2.40 now £2.00
  • sausage rolls 20pk 620g porkwas £2.40 now £2.00
  • scotch eggs 2pk 226g cumberwas £1.30 now £1.10
  • scotch eggs 2pk 226g ploughwas £1.30 now £1.10
  • scotch eggs 2pk 226g porkwas £1.05 now £0.85
  • coffee 200g gold roastwas £2.95 now £2.50
  • tea bags 232g everydaywas £1.10 now £1.00
  • easy cook rice 1kg long grainwas £1.18 now £1.00
  • easy cook rice 2kg long grainwas £2.20 now £2.00
  • easy cook rice 500g long grainwas £1.00 now £0.75
  • easy cook rice easy cook long grain 4kg long grainwas £4.25 now £4.00
  • tomatoes 400g choppedwas £0.40 now £0.38
  • broccoli cauliflower carrot veg 1kgwas £1.40 now £1.25
  • chips 1.5kg crispywas £2.10 now £1.90
  • mashed potanow chips 900gwas £1.20 now £1.10
  • yorkshire puds 110g giantwas £0.85 now £0.75
  • moments ice cream 3×110 almondwas £1.20 now £1.00
  • moments ice cream 3×110 ミルク – was £1.20 now £1.00
  • Moments ice cream 3×110 白い – was £1.20 now £1.00
  • soft scoop 2l neopolitanwas £1.60 now £1.50
  • soft scoop 2l raspberry ripplewas £1.60 now £1.50
  • soft scoop 2l vanillawas £1.60 now £1.50
  • chicken shapes 342g junglewas £1.60 now £1.50
  • fish fingers 300g omegawas £1.20 now £1.10
  • fish fingers 900g omega3was £3.40 now £2.95
  • quarter pounder 454gwas £2.70 now £2.50
  • quarter pounder 454g baconwas £2.70 now £2.50
  • stonebake pizza 329g double pepperoniwas £1.30 now £1.15
  • stonebake pizza 330g 4 チーズ – was £1.30 now £1.15
  • bin liner tie 15pk multiwas £3.00 now £2.70
  • bleach 750ml thickwas £0.80 now £0.75
  • sponge scourers 10pkwas £1.65 now £1.25
  • sponge scourers 10pk nswas £1.65 now £1.25
  • breadsticks 125gwas £0.70 now £0.55
  • ham 400g cookedwas £2.25 now £2.00
  • ham 400g honeywas £2.25 now £2.00
  • ham 400g smokedwas £2.25 now £2.00
  • pork and egg 210gwas £1.65 now £1.35
  • 2 basa fillets 240gwas £2.60 now £2.30
  • british chicken diced breastwas 500g £3.87 now £3.65
  • babyleaf salad 90g mixedwas £0.70 now £0.60
  • grower’s selection cherry tomatoeswas 325g £0.89 now £0.80
  • red pepper eachwas £0.50 now £0.45
  • garlic 3pkwas £0.75 now £0.65
  • grower’s selection courgettes 330gwas £1.00 now £0.80
  • grower’s selection british carrots 500gwas £0.30 now £0.25
  • onions 1kg brownwas £0.75 now £0.65
  • coleslaw 600g redfatwas £1.30 now £1.20
  • coleslaw 600g creamywas £1.30 now £1.20
  • lean beef mince 500gwas £3.10 now £2.90
  • sausages 454g cumbwas £1.60 now £1.50
  • sausages 454g lincswas £1.60 now £1.50
  • sausages 454g porkwas £1.60 now£1.50
  • apples 500gwas £0.72 now £0.65
  • oranges 5pkwas £0.69 now £0.60
  • pears 500gwas £0.52 now £0.45
  • mushrooms 250gwas £0.57 now £0.50

Branded products

  • partbaked baguette 2pk whitewas £0.95 now £0.80
  • partbaked petit pain 6pk whitewas £0.95 now £0.80
  • choc donuts 5pk chocwas £1.00 now £0.90
  • custard ball donuts 5pkwas £1.00 now £0.90
  • jam donuts 5pkwas £1.00 now £0.90
  • sugar ring donuts 5pk sugarwas £1.00 now £0.90
  • lancashire farm yogurt fat free bio 1kg ffbiowas £1.20 now £1.00
  • lancashire farm yogurt wholemilk bio 1kg wm biowas £1.20 now £1.00
  • mini babybel 240g 12pkwas £3.00 now £2.50
  • mini babybel 240g lightwas £3.00 now £2.50
  • I can’t believe it’s not butter spread 450g lightwas £1.25 now £1.00
  • I can’t believe it’s not butter spread 450g origwas £1.25 now £1.00
  • I can’t believe it’s not butter spread 900g origwas £2.40 now £2.00
  • muller cheesecake 4x100g confecwas £2.25 now £2.00
  • muller corner bliss 4x110g lemonwas £2.25 now £2.00
  • muller corner bliss 4x110g strawwas £2.25 now £2.00
  • ski smooth yogurt 4x120g stwrspwas £1.10 now £1.00
  • willow 250gwas £1.20 now £1.00
  • cheerios 300g multiwas £2.15 now £2.00
  • shreddies 390gwas £2.15 now £2.00
  • b dragon noodles 300g finewas £1.15 now £1.00
  • b dragon noodles 300g medwas £1.15 now £1.00
  • b dragon noodles 300g wgrainwas £1.15 now £1.00
  • blue dragon black bean stir fry saucewas 120g £0.70 now £0.60
  • blue dragon chow mein stir fry sauce 120gwas £0.70 now £0.60
  • blue dragon hoisin & garlic stir fry sauce 120gwas £0.70 now £0.60
  • blue dragon oyster & spring onion stir fry sauce 120gwas £0.70 now £0.60
  • blue dragon sweet & sour stir fry sauce 120gwas £0.70 now £0.60
  • blue dragon sweet chilli & garlic stir fry sauce 120gwas £0.70 now £0.60
  • blue dragon teriyaki stir fry sauce 120gwas £0.70 now £0.60
  • pataks cooking sauce 450g kormawas £1.25 now £1.15
  • pataks cooking sauce 450g madraswas £1.25 now £1.15
  • pataks cooking sauce butter chicken 450g butterwas £1.25 now £1.15
  • pataks cooking sauce jalfrezi 450g jalfrewas £1.25 now £1.15
  • pataks cooking sauce tikka masala 450g tikka £1.25 now £1.15
  • pataks cooking sauce vindaloo 450g vindalwas £1.25 now £1.15
  • j west tuna chunks 4x145g brinewas £3.50 now £3.00
  • j west tuna chunks 4x145g oilwas £3.50 now £3.00
  • j west tuna chunks 4x145g swwas £3.50 now £3.00
  • palm shower gel 500ml cocowas £1.50 now £1.25
  • palm shower gel 500ml honeywas £1.35 now £1.25
  • palm shower gel 500ml natmlkwas £1.50 now £1.25
  • palm shower gel 500ml pomegr £1.35 now £1.25

How to reduce the cost of your supermarket shop

Yellow sticker shopping

Keep an eye out for yellow sticker food to get the biggest bargains.

Supermarkets will often reduce the price of food nearing its use by date to shift stock and avoid food wastage.

These items are usually tagged with yellow stickers, showing how much the item has been reduced by.

You can get up to 75% off products in some cases, so it’s worth hunting for these deals if you’re on a budget.

If you’ve spotted a バーゲン in this section but aren’t sure you’ll have time to eat it before it goes off, buy it and chuck it in the freezer, says money saving guru Naomi Willis.

ナオミ, who runs finance blog Skint Dad with her husband Ricky, 前記: “Be more conscious of use by dates and freeze what you won’t use straight away to avoid throwing food away.

Use loyalty schemes

Many supermarkets have schemes in place providing incentivessuch as vouchers for money off your groceriesto incentivise shoppers to keep buying at their stores.

例えば, Sainsbury’s runs its Nectar card reward scheme, where customers receive points every time they shop in stores.

To get one Nectar point you need to spend £1 in Sainsbury’s store, or you get one Nectar point for every litre of fuel purchased in Sainsbury’s fuel stations.

The scheme now offers personalised discounts based on customersshopping habitsand claims you can save £200 a year on your groceries.

モリソンズ’ has recently revamped its loyalty scheme あまりにも.

Instead of collecting points to get money off shopping, customers are now offered instant rewards when they spend money in stores.

Shoppers at Tesco can cheaper prices with a Clubcard, on top of building up points when they spend.

We’ve previously explained which supermarket loyalty schemes are the best and worst value for money.

Plan your meals

It can be tempting to buy your groceries based on what you fancy at the time you’re trawling round the aisles.

But this can be an expensive way of shoppingas you can often buy much more than you need.

Planning your meals in advance means that you can stick to a list of food you know you needinstead of buying food you want, according to savvy saver Charlotte Jessop.

シャーロット, who owns the money saving blog Looking After Your Pennies, 前記: “One of the best ways to save money on food is to meal plan.

This means that you only buy what you need and therefore stops you from throwing away as much.

If you combine this with checking your cupboards before you start your plan, you’ll find that you can save loads of money by only buying exactly what you need.

Check price per quantity

Charlotte also saves cash on her shopping by checking the price per quantity on goods.

You might be tempted to opt for a bigger box or packaging because you think you might get more.

But it’s always worth checking the price per kg/lb/litre when comparing offers so you’re making a like for like decision.

Rather than looking at the total cost, I look at how much it costs per 100g say,” シャーロットは言った.

This means that I can compare products more easily to check I am getting the best deal.

Use food waste apps

Families waste an average of £720 on unused food per year according to food charity Waste & Resources Action Programme.

But there are plenty of apps you can use that cut food waste and reduce your shopping billhelping you save more and waste less.


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Mum yelled ‘why didn’t I put on their seatbelts?’ after killing her two kids

例えば, Kitche keeps track of the food you bought at the supermarket and lets you know when items are getting close to their sell by datepromising to save you £630 a year.

一方 Too Good To Go means you can buy food and treats from shops including Morrisons, Greggs and Pret at a big discount.


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