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EastEnders-Fans sind davon überzeugt, dass Little Mo zurückkehren wird, nachdem Freddie alles entdeckt hat

FANS of EastEnders have been left calling out for one iconic character’s returninsisting she is crucial to the current storyline.

Das BBC One soap have seen newcomer Freddie Slater, gespielt von Bobby Brazier, arrive on Albert Square in a quest to form a bond with whom he believes is his dad, Billy Mitchell.

Freddie has been on a mission to find his father

Freddie has been on a mission to find his fatherAnerkennung: BBC
Viewers have been demanding the return of Little Mo to explain all to Freddie

Viewers have been demanding the return of Little Mo to explain all to FreddieAnerkennung: Handzettel

What Freddie didn’t know was that his father wasn’t Billy and was in fact the villainous Graham who raped his mother Little Mo, gespielt von Kacey Ainsworth, zurück in 2003.

Now fans of EastEnders are insisting Little Mo returns to face the music and insist she is needed for the current storyline.

Little Mo was last seen on the square in 2006 whilst Freddie was just a baby before making her departure.

EastEnders fans took to Twitter to express their desire for a Little Mo return.

Ein Fan schrieb: “There is a huge Little Mo shaped hole in this Freddie storyline. It would elevate it SO much if they got her back for a few episodes. Please make it happen!”

Ein anderer spekuliert: “I’m thinking Little Mo could be making a surprise appearance soon.

Ein drittes geteilt: “Little Mo needs to come and talk to Freddie.”

Whilst a fourth added: “Bring Little Mo back to tell him the truth.

Viewers have witnessed Freddie return to the square and confront Billy whilst also attempting to strengthen his bond with his Slater relatives as well as the Mitchells who he believed to be his family.

However heartbreaking scenes this week have seen Freddie uncover that Billy is in fact not his father as Billy’s cousin, Phil, did the honours of breaking the tough news.

The news sent Freddie off the rails and he ended up getting drunk.

As Freddie re-appeared the next day in a state, the square’s fellow residents realised he had found out about Billy before the teen lashed out at both the Slater’s and Mitchell’s for not telling him straight away.

Eventually Freddie’s new pal and work colleague Bobby Beale manages to reason with him and make him see sense.

Soon Billy had an honest chat with Freddie where he expresses his wishes that he would have been his father.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Billy insisted to Freddie that both him and the Slater’s will be around to support him while he is around Albert Sqaure.

Cricually, jedoch, Billy did not tell Freddie about Graham and what happened to his mother.

Could Little Mo be on her way back to reveal the truth?

Freddie confides in his pal Bobby Beale

Freddie confides in his pal Bobby BealeAnerkennung: BBC
Little Mo was last seen in 2006

Little Mo was last seen in 2006Anerkennung: BBC
Bobby Brazier recently joined the soap as Freddie Slater

Bobby Brazier recently joined the soap as Freddie SlaterAnerkennung: PA

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday 7:30pm on BBC One.