Emmerdale fans fear the worst for Charity and Mackenzie after ectopic pregnancy

EMMERDALE fans fear the worst for Charity and Mackenzie after spotting signs there’s ‘no way back’ for the pair.

The couple were left devastated on last night’s episode when Charity was rushed to hospital in pain and was told that her pregnancy was ectopic and therefore not viable.

The couple were told their pregnancy was ectopic during Thursdays episode

The couple were told their pregnancy was ectopic during Thursdays episodeCredit: ITV

While the pair had a touching heart to heart in the hospital moments after the pregnancy was terminated, things were a bit fraught once they returned home.

In tonight’s episode, that tension continued, with Mackenzie keen to talk about their loss, while Charity was determined to keep busy and distract herself.

Mackenzie went to see his sister Moira for support, and confided in her how much he was struggling with the loss of their baby too.

Later, Moira went to see Charity and helped her see that she wasn’t the only one who was hurting and that Mackenzie needed her just as much as she needed him.

When Mackenzie returned home, Charity asked him how he was, and he replied: “I’m not doing wonderfully if I’m honest.”

Charity replied:”I’m sorry, I’ve not handled it brilliantly have I?”

Mackenzie said she did what she needed to do but his partner replied: “It’s not really what being a couple’s all about though is it?”

He said: “I never thought about having children, properly, I always vaguely assumed I’d have them, without really caring if I did or not.

“But the thought of having a kid with you was great, it made me think ‘come on yeah let’s do this’. But now that’s not happening and you’re erm…”

Charity finished her partners sentence, pointing out she’s a grandma to a 17-year-old and time isn’t necessarily on her side.

She added: “I just feel I’ve taken your shot away.”

As the pair continued to talk, Charity shared her fears that he would always think “something was missing” now in their relationship.

Mackenzie reassured her, saying: “Three weeks ago, it was me and you and everything was fine.”

Charity interjected that things had changed but he said: “And now things have changed back, so they can go back to being fine again. Right?”

As he looked at her hopefully, Charity gave a slight nod and “yeah” before turning away and resuming her dusting, with a look of concern on her face as the credits rolled.

It left Emmerdale fans fearing that the couple would not be able to work through their latest heartache.