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EastEnders ha scelto la leggenda del cinema di gangster britannico Eddie Webber come amico di Phil – ed è sullo schermo la prossima settimana

EASTENDERS have cast Brit gangster film legend Eddie Webber as Phil Mitchell’s pal.

L'attore, who has starred in a number of movies alongside Danny Dyer, has landed a role in the BBC soap as a character called Dodge.

Eddie Webber will star in EastEnders as Phil Mitchell's pal in EastEnders next week

Eddie Webber will star in EastEnders as Phil Mitchell’s pal in EastEnders next weekCredito: Getty
Phil calls his old pal Dodge for help

Phil calls his old pal Dodge for helpCredito: BBC

Eddie will hit our screens next week as Phil’s (Steve McFadden) contact who will help the baddie try and outsmart DCI Samantha Keeble.

EastEnders isn’t the first well-known TV show that Eddie has starred in.

He shot to fame in 1992 in London’s Burning and has been in various other programmes over the past 30 anni.

Eddie has been in the likes of vittima, Birds of a Feather, Lock Stock, The Bill and Doc Martin.

He’s also been in films such as The Business, Assassin, The Firm, Devil’s Tower and Gunned Down.

As fans of the hit show will know, Phil was recently released from prison after agreeing to become an informant for the police.

However he’s not very happy about it and wants to make things difficult for DCI Keeble.

The mechanic recently released that Keeble’s motives could get him and the Mitchells in trouble.

La prossima settimana Ravi Gulati (newcomer Aaron Thiara) starts looking for Phil and he realises that he needs help.

He decides that Dodge is his best bet at finding out something that could get Keeble in trouble.

But will Phil be able to outsmart Keeble with this new information?