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Fans entdecken gruselige Hinweise, dass Ekin-Su von Love Island PSYCHIC ist

LOVE Island fans claim to have spotted creepy clues that Ekin-Su has psychic powers.

The Turkish actress, 27, appears to have an uncanny ability to be able to perfectly read her fellow islanders.

Ekin-Su has psychic powers, laut Fans

Ekin-Su has psychic powers, laut FansAnerkennung: Erotem
She successfully predicted Dami Hope wasn't into Amber Beckford

She successfully predicted Dami Hope wasn’t into Amber BeckfordAnerkennung: Erotem

Viewers watched in awe as she second guessed the boyselaborate prank on Unseen Bits as they pretended a new girl was entering the villa.

While sitting with the girls, Ekin knew exactly what the boys were getting up to.

Play by play, she narrated the prank, down to the lads dressing Davide up in the girls clothes and pretending he was a bombshell.

Vorher, she expressed doubts over Amber Beckford and Dami Hope’s connection, and was proved right as he immediately switched his attention to Indiyah once she’d left the villa.

Ekin has also made sound character assessments of Luca, Davide and Jaythe latter two she ha partnered with.


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‘can’t stand him

Love Island star slammed after ‘disrespectful’ comment about Paige

Revealing their shock at her prank narration, one viewer said: “But no jokes it was so creepy how she not only guessed the boys prank but then went into a full length description of them going to dress up, put heels on etc and come downstairs and introduce themselves as a new girl and the rest of the girls were like ??? And she was just like ‘it’s so obviousbruh.

Ein anderer sagte: “She’s a very good judge of character. She went for Jay and Davide, who have proven themselves to be the two most level-headed boys in the villa.

Sie fügten hinzu: “She also said that Gemma would be like her sister and look at how close it seems they are now.

She told Danica to start bombshelling, and that’s the only reason the boys kept her in because she put the effort in to get to know the boys like Ekin told her to.

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Fans all say the same thing as Gemma REVEALS she knows new boy Billy Brown


Fans all say the same thing as Gemma REVEALS she knows new boy Billy Brown

While another shared: “She also was the only one to call Dami out on him not being into Amber ‘it’s so obvious’.

Ekin is currently partnered with Davide for a second time, although she’s uncertain that the Italian really wants her.

His pride was wounded earlier in the series when Ekin kissed Jay behind his back, and he vowed never to go there again.

jedoch, in recent days he has warmed to her, while Ekin has vowed to show him that she has changed.

But now Casa Amor has arrived there’s an extra hurdle in the way.