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Several Cabinet Ministers face battles to stay MPs amid election review

A HANDFUL of Cabinet Ministers face brutal battles to stay MPs following a major election shake-up.

Sir Gavin Williamson’s Midlands seat is being abolished while Dominic Raab is at renewed risk of defeat.

Dominic Raab is at risk after the boundary review

Dominic Raab is at risk after the boundary reviewCrédito: Getty

Proposed changes to constituency boundaries unveiled today will leave some MPs rejoicingbut others fuming.

Sir Gavin’s South Staffordshire seat is being merged with another meaning he will likely face reselection to stand for Parliament again.

Officials rejected his argument that theunique characterof Staffordshire would be lost if split up.

Deputy PM Mr Raab also has an uphill struggle to win reelection after losing a chunk of his seat.

Despite his protests, the Boundary Commission has carved off the Tory-leaning Cobham and Downside wards.

It is a blow for Mr Raab, who is defending a thin majority of just 2,743 against a Lib Dem charge.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is also at risk as his seat is abolished and hived off into nearby constituencies.

But in a win for the Tories some constituencies are being shored up into party strongholds.

The true-blue Isle of Wight is being cut in half meaning a likely extra seat for the Conservatives.