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Mark Labbett di The Chase rimprovera Bradley Walsh dopo un imbarazzante errore

THE Chase’s Mark ‘The BeastLabbett gave host Bradley Walsh a brutal telling off on tonight’s show after an embarrassing mistake.

Telly veteran Brad called a whale a ‘big fishwhile ribbing The Beast in his customary introduction to the Chasers.

Mark 'The Beast' Labbett told host Bradley Walsh off tonight

Mark ‘The BeastLabbett told host Bradley Walsh off tonightCredito: ITV
Bradley put the blame for his blunder on the show's writers

Bradley put the blame for his blunder on the show’s writersCredito: ITV

Before opening contestant Simon learned who he would be up against, Bradley said: “Is it The Beast? A lot of his family come from Wales, I don’t know if they mean the country or the big fish.

It didn’t escape the attention of the programme’s most fearsome quizzer and Mark wasted no time tearing into Bradley after taking his seat.

Egli ha detto: “Before we start, Bradley, you’re in trouble.

I reckon a couple of million school children are now screaming at the telly ‘whales are mammals, not fishes. My five-year-old knows that.

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Bradley sulkily replied: “I don’t write ’em.

It wasn’t a good day in the office for Mark though, who uncharacteristically got a question on rugby union wrong.

He failed to catch Sharon, Simon Mayank in the final chase.

The trio won £22,000 after an inspired cash builder and four push-backs.

Simon said he was off to the pub with his winnings, while Sharon planned to visit Australia and Mayank wanted to buy an electric car.