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Emmerdale fans seriously distracted during Faith’s funeral – kan jy agterkom hoekom?

DALES residents paid an emotional tribute to Faith Dingle during her funeral scenes, which aired on Friday.

Egter, Emmerdale viewers became distracted when they thought they spotted Harry Kane amid the guests.

Faith and Liv Dingle's funeral scenes were aired on Friday, Oktober 28, 2022

Faith and Liv Dingle’s funeral scenes were aired on Friday, Oktober 28, 2022Krediet: ITV
One viewer was convinced Harry Kane was among the guests

One viewer was convinced Harry Kane was among the guestsKrediet: [object Window]
Many soap fans agreed

Many soap fans agreedKrediet: ITV

Faith Dingle (portrayed by actress Sally Dexter) gemaak a surprise appearance vir haar joint funeral with Liv Flaherty.

The village veteran was seen in a flashback, writing a letter to her nearest and dearest in the Woolpack.

But while soap fans were surprised to see the Dingle matriarch again, weeks after her death, other viewers were gobsmacked when the Tottenham legend appeared on their screens.

One of them took to social media platform TikTok, sharing a video of the mourners walking out of the church.

Among them, the fan was convinced to have seen the captain carrying Faith’s coffin.

Anyone else see Harry Kane carrying a coffin on Emmerdale?”, they penned.

The short clip quickly went viral and has raked 74,600 hou van.

Many viewers responded to the upload in the comment section, agreeing with the original poster.

Glad I’m not the only person who saw it”, one of them penned while another added: “I said the same thing to my wife last night and judging by the blank look I got I’m guessing she’s never heard of Harry Kane!!!”

'N Ander een het gesê: “I thought the same, he’s used to it though as he’s been carrying Spurs for years!”

I said that straight away last night”, one viewer echoed.

Many villagers attended Faith and Liv’s funeral.


Alles wat jy oor Emmerdale moet weet

Emmerdale tough man Cain tearfully said goodbye to his mother with an emotional speech while Eric Pollard read Faith’s last letter.

Vinny Dingle then took the stand and honoured his late wife.

Egter, one member of the Dingle was missing from the funeral.

Viewers noticed that Debbie Dingle had decided not to attend the ceremony.

This was despite her grandfather Zak making a virtual appearanceas he’s staying in Scotland with Debbie.

I’m still annoyed nothing from Debbie, Faith gave money to sick Sarah”, Arendoog-aanhangers het na Twitter gegaan om te sien hoe hulle opgemerk het dat dit lyk asof hulle een van die reekse twee keer verfilm het om twee verskillende hoeke te kry.

'N Ander bevraagteken: “Why ain’t Debbie at her Nan’s funeral?”

Emmerdale airs weeknights, van Maandag tot Vrydag, at 7.30pm on ITV.

Faith died after losing her breast cancer battle

Faith died after losing her breast cancer battleKrediet: ITV
Vinny is still reeling from Liv's death, which occurred after she was crushed by a caravan

Vinny is still reeling from Liv’s death, which occurred after she was crushed by a caravanKrediet: ITV