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Sono fidanzato con una donna ma sogno di fare sesso con uomini

CARO DEIDRE: WHAT am I, if I’m deeply in love with a woman, but I enjoy masturbating while chatting with other men?

I’ve always thought of myself as straight and I’ve only ever had sex with women.

Sono 37, [object Window] to a woman, 33, who I plan to spend the rest of my life with.

She fulfills me sexually and we have a great relationship, yet I can’t stop wondering what sex would be like with another man.

A volte, I fantasise about having sex with other men while we’re making love.

I am a very sexual person, and I love exploring my body and experimenting.

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When I visit men-only chat rooms, seeing other guys naked turns me on. But I would never have sex with a man in real life.

I don’t want to cheat on my fiancée. So why can’t I stop thinking about this?

DEIDRE DICE: Sexuality is complicated, and not always easy to pin-down or put a label on. While some can define their sexuality, for others it’s far more fluid.

Perhaps there is a part of you which is bisexual. Or maybe fantasising about something you wouldn’t want to do in reality excites you because it’s taboo.

Regardless of whether you are masturbating with men or women in chat rooms, your fiancée is still likely to consider your behaviour as cheating.

Il mio pacchetto di supporto, Bisexual Issues has information and links to organisations where you can chat this through in confidence.