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Ecco come ci si può aspettare episodi dalla serie finale di Doc Martin

DOC Martin has been thrilling viewers since 2004 with the hapless antics of the villagers of Port Wenn.

But sadly all good things must come to an end, and the hit ITV serie – which is set in Cornovagliais now saying goodbye.

Martin Clunes plays the formidable Doc Martin

Martin Clunes plays the formidable Doc MartinCredito: ITV

How many episodes are in series 10 of Doc Martin?

Stagione 10, di Doc Martin kicked off on September 7, 2022.

The series consists of eight episodes in total.

Purtroppo, the final episode will air on TONIGHT (ottobre 26, 2022) alle 21 in poi ITV e ITV HubTV.

But there is a silver lining, there will also be a Natale Specialwith a date still to be confirmed.

What happened in series 9?

Tom Conti guest starred in the season finale as Bernard Newton, who was from the General Medical Council.

He was brought in to assess if Dr Martin (Martin Clunes) was able to perform surgery again.

Die hard fans will know that the Doc has a fear of bloodthe reason he quit being a surgeon, and decided to move to Port Wenn in the first place.

Ma sfortunatamente, after the Doc showed he still suffered slightly with his phobia to blood, Bernard tried to bribe him.

This then led to two cliffhangers in the final episode.

Louisa revealed she was expecting another baby, while the Doc said he had resigned as Portwenn’s GP after turning down Bernard’s bribe.

Is season 10 the finale of Doc Martin?

vorrai immediatamente mostrarlo, all good things must come to an end, and that is the same for Doc Martin.

The show kicked off on 2004, and after ten seasons and 18 wonderful years, the heartwarming Cornish series is coming to an end.

Speaking about the decision to bring the show to an end, producer Philippa Braithwaite told ITV: “When we launched the series in 2004 we could never have imagined how much our loyal viewers would take to the grumpy Doc like they have.

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The series has avid fans both in the UK and throughout the world and we are thrilled that Doc Martin has topped the ratings every time.

“tuttavia, we now feel that the time has come to say goodbye to Portwenn.