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Por dentro do horror de Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Zombie Experiments’ derramando ácido no cérebro

TWISTED serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer drilled holes in the skulls of his victims while they were still alive and poured ACID onto their brains in a perverted attempt to make them his zombie slaves.

Dahmer‘s youngest victim, 14-anos Konerak Sinthasomphone, had hydrochloric acid injected into his frontal lobe before the monster matou and dismembered him.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer injected his victim's brains with acid in sick experiments

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer injected his victim’s brains with acid in sick experimentsCrédito: Getty
Drugs that Dahmer used to subdue his victims before drilling holes in their skulls

Drugs that Dahmer used to subdue his victims before drilling holes in their skullsCrédito: Milwaukee Police Department
Dahmer's youngest victim, Konerak Sinasomphone, was just 14 anos

Dahmer’s youngest victim, Konerak Sinasomphone, was just 14 anosCrédito: UMA&E

Entre 1978 e 1991, the sadistic assassino em série MADELEINE McCann suspeito que Christian B disse uma vez a um amigo que ele havia assassinado uma ex-namorada 17 teen boys and men, many of them at his apartment in Milwaukee in the nós state of Wisconsin.

He would cut most of his victims up and store body parts in his freezer as sick trophies, even eating bits of flesh to fulfil his depraved urges.

Although the crimes of theMilwaukee Cannibalare well-documented, some of the details of his horrific crimes are still shocking to this day.

Dahmer would lure his victimsalmost all of them from ethnic minority or LGBT communitiesback to his apartment, often offering to pay them in return for nude photographs.

Uma vez lá, he would drug their drinks before carrying out his evil acts.

He later told the court how once drugged, he would drill a tiny hole into some of his victims’ caveiras “just enough to open a passageway to the brain”.

Dahmer said he would then inject their brains with hydrochloric acid to induce azombie-like state”.

Em maio 1991, Dahmer was almost caught after carrying out this evil operation.

Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, had gone back to Dahmer’s apartment and been drugged.

Dahmer testified he injected diluted acid into the boy’s brain after drilling a hole into his skull while he was unconscious.

He then left his apartment to visit a bar and buy more alcohol, but when he returned, the boy had come to and managed to escape onto the street.

The boy, half-naked, was talking to three neighbours who, disturbed at his state and young appearance, rang the polícia.

De acordo com Chicago Tribune, the teen was naked, machucado, bleeding and heavily under the influence of drugs when he managed to escape from Dahmer’s apartment.

But when cops arrived, Dahmer convinced them that Sinthasomphone was his boyfriend and that he was just drunk.

I listened for a heartbeat right after I injected him and there was none

Jeffrey Dahmer

The story I used was he was a house guest, a friend who sometimes drinks too much and runs out in the street naked,” Dahmer later testified.

He added that cops failed to spot the hole he had drilled in the boy’s skull.

The women tried to tell the officers to investigate and pointed out that the boy was bleeding from his rectum, but cops ordered them to shut up.

One of the officers, Joseph Gabrish, noticed that Dahmer’s apartment had a foul smell of rotting flesh when he accompanied the pair back but didn’t investigate further.

After the police had left, Dahmer said he gave the boy another injection of acid into his brain, which proved fatal.

I listened for a heartbeat right after I injected him and there was none,” he testified in court. “I wasn’t trying to kill him but that’s what happened.

Dahmer claimed the acid was to leave his victims in a 'zombie-like' state

Dahmer claimed the acid was to leave his victims in a ‘zombie-like’ EstadoCrédito: AFP
A number of tools were found in Dahmer's apartment in Milwaukee

A number of tools were found in Dahmer’s apartment in MilwaukeeCrédito: Milwaukee Police Department
Errol Lindsey, 19, also met a tragic fate in Dahmer's apartment

Errol Lindsey, 19, also met a tragic fate in Dahmer’s apartmentCrédito: UMA&E

Sinthasomphone’s family later sued the city of Milwaukee and three police officers, including two of whom were fired over what happened.

It later emerged Dahmer had carried out a similar twisted experiment on 19-year-old Errol Lindsey, whom he had lured back to his apartment in April 1991.

He told Inside Edition in 1993 how he drilled a hole in the teenager’s skull, into which he poured hydrochloric acid to try and induce azombie-like” Estado.

But Lindsey regained consciousness, causing Dahmer to drug him further to subdue him, before strangling him and flaying his corpse with the intention of keeping his skin.

Dahmer was finally caught in July 1991, but not before he had killed four more victims.

He met his own violent demise at the hands of a fellow inmate after being jailed for life at Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution in February 1992.

Em novembro 28, 1994, Dahmer was bludgeoned to death by Christopher Scarver, who was in prison for murder.

After guards left Scarver alone with Dahmer and another convicted murderer Jesse Anderson for some 20 minutos, he beat the pair with a 20-inch metal bar he had taken from the prison gym.

His story features in Netflix‘s new limited series on Dahmer’s crimes called Monster: A história de Jeffrey Dahmer.