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Explicación del final de Derry Girls – esto es lo que sucedió en el último episodio

DERRY Girls has aired its final episode, leaving fans in tears that the show is now over.

The comedy has been has been a great success for Canal 4, but has sadly now come to an end for good.

Channel 4's Derry Girls has come to an end

Channel 4’s Derry Girls has come to an endCrédito: Pensilvania

How did Derry Girls end?

ADVERTENCIA: Contains spoilers from Derry Girls season 3 final episode

The final episode of Derry Girls was split into two parts.

The finale aired over two consecutive nights, with one airing on May 17, 2022 and the other on May 18, 2022.

Here we take you through the ups and downs of the last ever episode of Derry Girls.

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Here's why Derry Girls is coming to an end


Here’s why Derry Girls is coming to an end

Parte 1

The penultimate part started off well with the gang trying to get into a Fat Boy Slim concierto.

Although they managed to score VIP tickets in the end, they were promptly thrown out for causing mayhem.

But things took a sad turn when, as they were being kicked out, Erin’s dad was waiting for them instead of Clare’s father Sean.

Sean had dropped them off, and was meant to pick them up, sin embargo, it was then revealed he had suffered an aneurism.

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His death was confirmed when a sobbing Clare reunited with her friends in the hospital waiting room, and they all rushed to embrace her, as an acoustic cover of Praise You by Fatboy Slim played.

The final scene was of the funeral procession, with Erin and Clare arm-in-arm, and the students and teachers of Our Lady Immaculate College all paying their respects.

Parte 2

The final instalment saw Derry Girls deal with the Good Friday Agreement. and what way they want to vote.

mientras tanto, Orla and Erin were planning their joint birthday party and it was a disaster as Jenny Joyce organised hers the same day.

Erin and Michelle ended up clashing over Michelle’s brother Niall being released from prison after he killed a man.

Michelle and James went to Jenny’s birthday party instead of Erin’s as she was fuming with her pal.

sin embargo, they ended making up by the end of the night and they had a huge celebration after Clare sabotaged Jenny’s birthday party.

The Good Friday Agreement passed and viewers were emotional as they said goodbye to the show.

One viewer tweeted saying: “Just cried my eyes out watching the #DerryGirls final episode!”

Mientras que otro dijo: “Well that was bloody good. The cast have been so hilarious and the writer simply amazing for the entire seasons of #DerryGirls.

Why is Derry Girls ending?

Derry Girls came to and end because the show is about teenage girls, and by the end of season 3 they are adults and heading off in different paths.

The show’s creator, Lisa McGee announced back in 2021 que el third season will be the final una.

Posting on Twitter, ella dijo: “It was always the plan to say goodbye after three series.

“Derry Girls is a coming-of-age story; following five ridiculous teenagers as they slowlyvery slowlystart to become adults, while around them the place they call home starts to change too and Northern Ireland enters a new more hopeful phrasewhich was a small, magical window of time.

Derry Girls is a love letter to the place I come from and the people who shaped me.

It has been an honour to write it and I will forever be proud of everything it’s achieved.

Will there be a Derry Girls spin-off?

Creator Lisa has confirmed that, although fans would absolutely love one, there won’t be a spin off of Derry Girls.

Hablando a DigitalSpy, ella dijo: “I wouldn’t do a spin-off now, and I have no plans to do a spin-off.

Ella añadió: “I have all this stuff that’s been put to one side because I wanted to finish Derry Girls properly, and put all my focus on that and do it justice, but those things have to sort of move up the queue.

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So I wouldn’t be able to make another for a while even if I wanted to.

All three seasons are available to watch on All 4.