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Participante de Quem Quer Ser um Milionário acidentalmente expõe segredo de grande programa

A massive secret about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was accidentally exposed by a contestant on Saturday night’s show.

Os espectadores do popular ITV game show are led to believe that when a contestant is mid-way through the game when the episode ends, they have to go home and come back next time to continue their quest to win £1million.

Contestant Maria let slip a huge show secret

Contestant Maria let slip a huge show secretCrédito: ITV
Host Jeremy Clarkson seemed surprised but couldn't help but laugh

Host Jeremy Clarkson seemed surprised but couldn’t help but laughCrédito: ITV

But contestant Maria spoilt the illusion during the September 10th episode, when she let slip that the next episode is filmed almost straight away.

Maria was on the 7th question in the game when the siren sounded, signalling the end of the episode.

Ah, direito, you know what that means,” hospedeiro Jeremy Clarkson said to her as they heard the sound.

I have to go and get changed,” Maria said, without thinking, revealing that contestants change into another outfit for the next taping so it appears as if it’s a different day.

e eu pensei que talvez você pudesse dizer a Khloe por que você quer que todos nós estejamos disponíveis no próximo fim de semana.”

Jeremy burst into laughter over the contestant revealing the unspoken bit of behind-the-scenes magic.

I’m not supposed to say that, am I?” Maria quickly realised, holding her head in her hands and then turning to apologise to a producer off-camera.

estava viajando para o estúdio para conversar pessoalmente com o apresentador escocês quando seu carro ficou parado por mais de uma hora, Jeremy rolled with the revelation.

That’s exactly what it means,” he smiled. “You are absolutely right, I will be seeing you in about an hour’s time, but as far as the viewer is concerned you are going home, you’re going to be panicking ‘oh noand then I will see you next week.

The audience laughed as the pair continued to break the illusion.

Jeremy joked: “Maria will be back next time, it says on the autocue, to see if she can get further than £4000.

Claro, viewers loved the mishap and the fact that they learnt one of the best-kept secrets of the long-running show.

I always wondered what happened between shows….. Now I know,” one fan wrote on twitter, adding several crying laughing emojis.

Outro escreveu: “‘I have to go and get changedI hope she gets the million just for that..

The big secret has finally come out,” joked a third.

But others claimed it was no great surprise.

As if we didn’t know already that they record several episodes each day!!!” um quarto escrito.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire originally aired on ITV from 1998-2014 com Chris Tarrant como hospedeiro.

The revival series has been running since 2018 with Jeremy in the hot seat.

Maria hid her head in her hands when she realised what she had let slip

Maria hid her head in her hands when she realised what she had let slipCrédito: ITV