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I fan di Corrie scoprono la prossima vittima di Stephen Reid e non è la sua ex moglie

CORONATION Street fans are convinced they know who Stephen Reid will kill nextand it’s NOT his ex-wife.

The murdererwho is played by actor Todd Boyce in the ITV soaphas already killed Leo after he discovered his financial situation and threatened to expose him.

Coronation Street fans think Stephen will kill again

Coronation Street fans think Stephen will kill againCredito: ITV
Viewers think Leo's dad will be his next victim

Viewers think Leo’s dad will be his next victimCredito: ITV

But in tonight’s episode Stephen was forced into blunder after blunder as he tried to cover up his crime.

Viewers know he has Leo’s phone after killing him and has been texting his family pretending to be him after apparently moving to Canada.

However when Leo’s dad turned up to the pub to rage against Jenny, Stephen was horrified to discover they both could put aside their differences to find Leo.

Stephen repeatedly interrupted and suspiciously put himself between the old school friends in an effort to stop them from reaching out to Leo.

He even followed them to a lunch meeting to photograph them and pretend to be Leo getting a picture of them both.

However later in the pub when he overheard Dee Dee Bailey talking about tracking software, Stephen decided to trash the phone and leave it in a bin in the alley behind the pub.

And then he went to meet his ex-wife to continue his scam to scam his mum Audrey.

As Gabrielle demanded her cash back, Stephen told her: “I told you the money’s going through, no, Tutto a posto.

“There’s an email from the mortgage broker. It’s going to take a bit longer, some formalities. It seems they need to confirm the equity release details with my mum.

“I do but it seems there’s a lot of LPA fraud going on. They need to check with my mum, check that she’s of sound mind. Although she has to be of sound mind to sign the forms in the first place.”

Gabrielle pointed out: “Except she didn’t sign them, did they? You did, you idiot. Fix it, fast.”

And fans think he will dobut they are convinced he will be forced to kill Leo’s dad first and not his ex-wife.

Uno ha scritto: “I think Stephen will bump off Leo’s dad next. Just saying.

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Un altro ha aggiunto: “Stephen is digging a hole for himself, once they find Leo’sthe police will know he didn’t send the latest pics & msgs, Stephen.