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Why BBC’s Flat Out Fabulous is the most realistic home makeover show EVER

Shows like Interior Design Masters and Your Home Made Perfect are all well and good, but for more than four million people in the UK who live in rented accommodation, they can feel a bit out of touch with reality.

In this 10-part serieswith five episodes airing on Sunday, and another five later this yeardesigner Whinnie Williams and radio presenter Tyler West prove that you need not break the bank in order to create your dream space.

Flat Out Fabulous is a new BBC home makeover show

Flat Out Fabulous is a new BBC home makeover showCredito: BBC
The show transforms people's flats without breaking the bank

The show transforms people’s flats without breaking the bankCredito: BBC

“You don’t have to have a lot of money,’’ says Tyler, 25. “It doesn’t matter what job you have or how much you earn. All you need is some inspiration – anyone is capable. I am the perfect example that anybody can do this.”

During the series, Tyler is on hand to mediate with the housemates while singer-turned-designer Whinnie works her magic.

“When I was a musician I was always making the set design for my music videos,’’ says Whinnie, 33, who has previously toured with Ellie Goulding.

“I love making interiors that make you feel like you’re in a movie. When I work in people’s houses, I’m thinking you are the star in this film, let’s make you a little movie set.’’

Every single week on the show, there is a disaster

And while Whinnie comes with plenty of experience, Tyler has found himself having to learn on the job.

“Each episode I’d give Tyler a jobI’d ask Tyler to make this really easy thing that can’t be destroyed, and I’d come back and there would be candles that I wanted him to mould and they’re just snapped in bits all over the floor,” laughs Whinnie.

“Every single week on the show, there is a disaster,’’ confirms Tyler. ‘’You turn up and there would be a wall falling apart or paint that’s been used by a previous landlord and you can’t save it.

Even something simple as me kicking something with my size 12 piedi, there would be paint everywhere. I’m so clumsy, I don’t know how to do DIY.

I thought it was a prank when they said they were going to do 10 Episodi, but now I consider myself a professional.”

And for Tyler, there was one house that he found particularly triggering…

‘’I faced my fears in this series,’’ joked Tyler. “I face my fears head on, which is a massive achievement. All I’m going to say is… rats.’’

Flat Out Fabulous is available on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. The Sun’s TV Mag is available every Saturday.

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