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Ilhéu enfrenta a ira da família pelo comportamento da Casa Amor quando os pais chegam

THE remaining couples left on Love Island will have to face the families of their partners as they descend on the Majorcan villa.

The infamous Meet The Parents episode returns tonight with each Islander facing the wrath of their loved one’s family.

Tonight's is the infamous Meet the Parents episode on Love Island

Tonight’s is the infamous Meet the Parents episode on Love IslandCrédito: ITV
Ekin-Su's mum tells Davide she is clearly smitten with him

Ekin-Su’s mum tells Davide she is clearly smitten with himCrédito: ITV

A stunned Tasha is the first to learn her parents are on the way as she receives a selfie of her dad Tarek and mum Nicky with Andrew’s mum Karen and dad Jamie taken under the now iconic giant love heart.

Tasha says: “Is this real right now? Estou chocado, genuinely stunned.”

Andrew admits: “I’m actually emotional.”

After an emotional reunion, Andrew’s mum says of Tasha: “I can tell you’re totally besotted with her.” She jokes: “You didn’t ask her to marry you then?”

Tarek tells Tasha: “Honestly, when you were first put together by the public, e eu tenho um bebê que é saudável.', ‘Actually they’re suited.’”

Ele adiciona: “You can see it in your eyes, you’re sparkling. First time I’ve seen that with a boy.”

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Gemma Owen's family enter Love Island villa TONIGHT and give verdict on Luca


Gemma Owen’s family enter Love Island villa TONIGHT and give verdict on Luca

Nicky says: “All I want is for you to be happy and you look happy.”

Mais tarde, Adam’s dad Billy tells him of Paige: “She’s amazing. Definitely. She’s a nice girl. She’s grounded.”

His friend Micky adds: “You do seem really well suited.”

enquanto isso, Paige tells her mum Samantha that Adam admits he’s a 2.0 version of himself to which she says: “That makes me feel happy.”

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Love Island fans all say same thing as Gemma's £20k necklace 'goes missing'

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Love Island fans all say same thing as Gemma’s £20k necklace ‘goes missing

Dami is greeted virtually by his sister Femi and cousin Alicia who let him know: “Grandma’s been watching!”

When talk turns to Casa his sister says: “Why? But why?”

And Indiyah’s mum Dee and sister Shak tell her of Dami: “The behaviour, and I’m sure Shak will tell Dami, he’s not been cleared yet. He’s not cleared in my eyes yet either…”

When Dee meets Dami she does have some questions, Incluindo: “So explain the three-way kiss…”

Later Gemma’s mum Louise and friend Sarah arrive.

Louise tells Gemma of her dad Michael: “Honestly, he is really proud of you, really proud.” She adds of the family: “They’re all loving watching you, they’re missing you like mad.”

Luca’s dad Michaelwho arrives wearing his own fish flopssays of Gemma: “She puts you straight doesn’t she.”

Maria adds of Gemma: “First night I said they fancy each other, I knew it. I love the values and morals she has.”

Finally Ekin-Su’s mum Sezer and brother Arda arrived alongside Davide’s mum Nadia and sister Valeria.

Speaking in Italian, Nadia tells Davide: “You’re doing well and you’re being yourself. Dad’s also watching and sends his regards. He doesn’t understand much of the English. In Italy everyone has been watching you.”

When Davide notes Ekin-Su is an actress, his mum says: “But I can see she is being sincere. The way she looks at you, she is head over heels.”

Ekin-Su’s brother tells Davide: “I’ve never seen my sister look at a guy the way she looks at you. Clearly there’s something she sees in you. She’s my sister, she deserves the best, she really does, I’m not just saying that. I hope you’re willing to give her the best.”

Ekin-Su’s mum Sezer says of their epic date: “I saw you were in love. So emotional. Welcome home Davide.”

The Meet The Parents episode will air just 24 hours before this year’s Love Island live final.

Fans will find out on Monday night which couple has been crowned the 2022 winners of the ITV2 show.

Dami and Indiyah chat to his sister and cousin by video

Dami and Indiyah chat to his sister and cousin by videoCrédito: ITV
Tasha and Andrew's parents arrive to the villa

Tasha and Andrew’s parents arrive to the villaCrédito: ITV
Andrew gets very emotional seeing his mum

Andrew gets very emotional seeing his mumCrédito: ITV