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Ich war bei X Factor und Chefs behandelten mich wie eine Stoffpuppe, sagt Rebecca Ferguson

REBECCA Ferguson has claimed she was fedpills before bedand told who she couldn’t date during her time in the music industry.

Das Vorherige X Faktor star has called for a crackdown on mistreatment in the industry over recent years.

Rebecca Ferguson claims she faced 'years of abuse' in the music industry

Rebecca Ferguson claims she faced ‘years of abusein the music industryAnerkennung: Getty
The 36-year-old starred alongside Cher Lloyd and Cheryl Cole on The X Factor

The 36-year-old starred alongside Cher Lloyd and Cheryl Cole on The X FactorAnerkennung: PA

Rebekka has since opened up about more alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of executives in the music industry.

The singer finished as runner up on the ITV singing show in 2010, mit Eine Richtung in third and Matt Cardle taking the win.

The 36-year-old revealed she supposedlypeeved off” zwei “major peoplein the music business, claiming her life washellwhile they “Britney erschien virtuell vor Gericht inmitten ihres Rechtsstreits mit der Konservatorin” ihr.

She shared a series of videos on her Tick ​​Tack Konto, speaking candidly about her time in the industry.

A few years ago I had an issue with two quite major people in the music industry,” Sie sagte.

My life was a living hell from that day when I decided to stick up for myself and not take any BS.

My life in the music industry became hell and I’ve tried to speak out about it a lot.

While she didn’t name names of the individuals, Sie fuhr fort: “I really peeved off two people in the music industry who had quite a lot of power and influence, and were able to hinder my career.

The mum-of-three became tearful as she added: “I can honestly say that the past nine years of my life, although I’ve found happiness now, were torturous. I was petrified, I was so scared of these people.

Rebecca said she wasunable to express what was happening” weil “no one understood”.

Zusammenbruch, sie schloss: “These people for years targeted me and literally put me through hell.

But the things that have happened to me I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It’s hard watching these people get away with it.

Rebecca has spoken out about how the music industry operates

Rebecca has spoken out about how the music industry operatesAnerkennung: Getty

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