ジェパディ! ファンは、プレイヤーのラブストーリーに対するメイムの「偽の」反応を言います & ホストケンが欲しい

ジェパディ! fans have accused Mayim Bialik offakingher reaction to a player’s meet-cute story on Wednesday.

Many viewers want the host to be replaced by Ken Jennings.

ジェパディ!'s Mayim Bialik has grown on some viewers, but felt she had an 'insincere' reaction to a player

ジェパディ!’s Mayim Bialik has grown on some viewers, but felt she had an ‘insincerereaction to a playerクレジット: ABC
Contestant Jen told a sweet story about meeting her husband, but after the host's response many 'felt bad for her'

Contestant Jen told a sweet story about meeting her husband, but after the host’s response many ‘felt bad for herクレジット: ABC

メイム, 46, Jeopardyをホストしています! 後 Ken’s earlier stretch and his announcement he’d be のために “月。”

それはそう, he wasn’t exaggerating as it’s the actresseighth straight week.

今晩, Yungsheng Wanga Los Angeles, California Public Defender who has sported bowties for three nightsdefended his title with a third win and $84.3K total.

But not before a player’s academia-tinged love story that had many throwing the book at its current host.


ジェパディ! fans spot champ’s ‘over the top’ behavior & fume Mayim ‘still hosting’


ジェパディ! fans spot champ’s ‘over the top’ behavior & fume Mayim ‘still hosting’

Yungshengwho has a tattoo that translates toLive every day to the fullestand seems to be doing just that on-stage with his excited reactionswas left of new player Jen.

The school librarian opened up during the Q&A portion about how she met her husband in an adorably on-brand way.

“We worked together at a college bookstore,” the contestant wearing a green top and blazer began as she smiled.

“And we were just friends at first and we kept in touch via emails and phone calls while were going to schools in different parts of California.





And then one day we just decided let’s go out for fun and it became a date. And many years later got married and had two kids!」

Mayim responded, “That is a sweet bookish story.

She seemed to punctuate each word and then moved on, but Jeopardy! Twitter didn’t give the host the same library pass, 残念ながら.


Many felt the actress-turned-host was acting a bit inauthentic after the new player opened up.

Do you care about the Jeopardy contestants backgrounds, or are you a liar?” one tore on Twitter.

Mayim is a turn the TV off cue. We want Ken full time please,” 別の書いた.

I feel so bad for Jen,” 3番目を書いた.

It’s not Mayim’s first rather stiff response to a Q&A segment story.

The neuroscientist earlier replied to one contestant’s earnest children’s autism testing Q&A with a joke.

Glad to hear spitting in a tube went better than taking blood,” the host bluntly said.

And in another game in May, a player said he was in a “fancy sports league” and Mayim responded: “That’s so thrilling,” and moved on.

Mayim had another joke that flatlined before Ken returned for his recent stretchshe told a doctor he wasjust an anesthesiologist, not a surgeonwhile making a claw motion with her arm.

Condescension has repeatedly shown to be part of Mayim’s brand,” one Twitter user wrote earlier.

今晩, the scores going into Final were Yungsheng at $19,200, Alicia at $18,200 and Jen now far behind at $3000.

All three, しかしながら, the integral final clue correct, responding withSoy Beans.

Yungsheng revealed quite the bold wager – $17.2K – and sowed the seeds of an enthusiastic third victory.

I’m really enjoying how excited Yungsheng Wang is as the Jeopardy champ,” one Tweeted after he couldn’t help himself from shouting in joy as he won once more.


ケンとメイムは、伝説のアレックス・トレベックの代役を務め始めました。 悲劇的な 2020 通過 そしてシーズンの艦隊 37 有名人のゲストホスト, 現在恥ずべきことを含む マイク・リチャーズ.

The permanent hosting decision is still on the board and is said to be sealed by the end of Season 38 今月.

Between them, fans largely prefer the alum after a season of shared hosting as games run more smoothly under him.

He famously won the most games ever in 2004 – 74 真っ直ぐ – and to many seems like the natural successor to アレックストレベック having bonded with the late legend.

Many noticed there was earlier a blank slate for TV listings for this week’s host – でも今, Ken is rumored to return for the last two weeks of Season 38 or July 18th instead.

One fan claimed last night on Twitter, “Why is Mayim STILL hosting? わからない. I thought she and Ken were trading off? She has had WAY more weeks than he has.

While Ken hosted much of the start of Season 38 he’s now been gone for quite a while and this week aloneMayim had back-to-back instances where fans felt she “許可” プレイヤー’ incomplete responses.

ザ・ show’s ratings also nearly doubled ケンが初登場したとき、970万人の視聴者に.

マイムがホスティング業務を引き継いだとき、人員は 5.9 million viewers during a college championship and indeed, she hasn’t bested Ken’s ratings since during Season 38.

While fans have found Mayim to be a perfectly plucky presence, hundreds have tweeted about her off-putting poise during the typically enjoyable Q&A shares, “スロー” response time to contestants, そして controversially erroneous games compared to Ken.

Mayim faced fan fury when a player’s signature was ruled too sloppy in FJ though she had seemingly writtenHarriet Tubman.

And last monththough not the actress-turned host’s fault – ありました ironically a typo in Final Jeopardy just days after the spelling snub which couldn’t have come at a worse time.

She also recently made an off-color joke about marijuana and seemed to recently misunderstand the legacy of the band Queen.

This as fan-preferred former player Ken surprisingly tweeted in May, “I’m handing the keys back to the talented actor-producer-writer-director (!) Mayim Bialik for a few months,” 追加する, “We are lucky to have her! I’ll be back before the end of the season.”

それ以来, he’s beenlei-inglow in Hawaii and at home in Seattle, ワシントンthough he’s said he’s already been tapped to tape more episodes for Season 39.

One possibility that has been implied by execs is that the actress could simply host spinoffs soon, perhaps with Buzzy Cohen.

One clue was that ケンは 2022 昼間のエミー賞 Mayimなしで6月に一人で, モンタージュにも含まれていなかった – and she has her sitcom renewed.


Trevor Bauer's assault accuser fights lawsuit - but Dodgers star parties


Trevor Bauer’s assault accuser fights lawsuitbut Dodgers star parties

もしそうなら, and as many are hoping, Ken would host the main show, と “multiple hosts for the franchisealtogether.

ジェパディ! airs on weeknights at 7 ETです.

Fans are 'really enjoying' 3-day champ Yungsheng Wang's buzz on Jeopardy!

Fans are ‘really enjoying’ 3-day champ Yungsheng Wang’s buzz on Jeopardy!クレジット: ABC
He's worn bow-ties all week and seemingly can't button up his excitement

He’s worn bow-ties all week and seemingly can’t button up his excitementクレジット: ABC
But fans accused Mayim Bialik of 'faking' her enthusiasm as player Jen told her love story - one wondered if she 'even cared' - & miss Ken Jennings

But fans accused Mayim Bialik of ‘fakingher enthusiasm as player Jen told her love storyone wondered if she ‘even cared’ – & miss Ken Jenningsクレジット: ABC