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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the big mistake families make when booking their plane tickets.

Tic toc flight attendant Flightbae.b often reveals tips and tricks for holidaymakers.

A flight attendant has revealed the big mistake families make when booking their seats

A flight attendant has revealed the big mistake families make when booking their seatsCredito: Getty

Her recent video explained why families should always pre-book their seats when booking tickets.

She was reacting to a video from an episode of the cartoon Family Guy, where the character Stewie refuses to move seats for a family.

She said it was anunpopular opinionbut he was in the right.

Lei spiegò: “This is exactly why families should NOT purchase tickets that allow their seats to be assigned at the gate.

The reason being is because these seats are typically the dreaded middle seat and they are rarely assigned together.

This puts families and passengers in the worst position possible because now the families are going to have to rely on the benevolence of strangers to ensure that their minor children are able to sit with them.

So you are saving money, but you’re buying a headachedon’t do it.

She also added: “And I’m so sorry to be the one to let you knowflight attendants can’t force them to move. scusate!”

The video has been liked more than 26,000 times on TikTok and people in the comments agreed with her.

Una persona ha detto: “Ascolta. If I had to pay for my seat I’m not moving.

Un altro d'accordo: “This happened on my last flight, everyone playing musical chairs so this lady, baby and husband can sit together.

One parent also chimed in: “As a family with small children we always plan for this. We don’t want strangers to sit with my 6 or 12-year-old.

The situation has happened to lots of people, with many saying they were slammed for not moving.

One man says he was slammed by a mum for not moving seats so the woman’s daughter could sit next to her.

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Another passenger refused to swap seats to let a family sit together on a six-hour flight after they saw the seat they would be stuck in.

And a first class passenger said he refused to swap seats with a kid during a flight so they could have the window seat.

Don't rely on the kindness of strangers, she warned

Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers, she warnedCredito: Getty