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Chloe Brockett left with ‘blisters & brennt’ on boobs after fashion hack

TOWIE star Chloe Brockett was left with painful damage to her skin after a fashion hack went wrong.

The TV favourite, 22, said that a particular brand of boob tape gave herblisters and burns”.

Chloe Brockett said she was left with 'burns and blisters' after using boob tape

Chloe Brockett said she was left with ‘burns and blistersafter using boob tapeAnerkennung: Instagram
The Towie star has warned her followers about the safety of the product

The Towie star has warned her followers about the safety of the productAnerkennung: Instagram

Chlo explained that this was the second time she was left with marks on her skin.

Warning her fans, Chloe said: “I wanted to say, this is a thing for my girls on here who follow me that have big boobs like me.

I basically wore this boob tape last night, I wore it for a wedding in the summer and it did the same thing to me and I wore it last night.

It’s really good for keeping your boobs in place when you can’t wear a bra or if you want them to look a little higher up and it stays all night but it’s given me burns and blisters for the second time now.

The blisters I had for the wedding was so bad, literally all on the side of me there was blisters on me,” she said while pointing to her collarbone.

So just a word of caution if you are buying that tape because it’s blistered me twice now.

Chloe recently wowed fans when she posed topless in a hot tub and was praised by fans for her natural beauty.

She looked sensational as she ditched the makeup and filters for a stripped back look.

Chloe’s fans raced to compliment the beauty on her flawless appearance.

Man schrieb: “You look so lovely in this pic with no makeupjust beautiful.

Ein anderer hat gepostet: “Stunning pictures looking all natural.

A third echoed: “You’re so pretty without all the makeup.

Chloe definitely needs some R’n’R time after spending the last series at the centre of some Towie drama.

She recently revealed the thing that “put her off” romantic interest Jordan Brook, and led to her decision not to pursue anything romantic with the barber.

She said she was “put off by Jordan’s singingand is “happy being single”.

Jordan returned to the Essex scene after four years away, when viewers watched as he got to know Ella Rae Wise, and shortly after was linked to Chloe.

Chloe also revealed that she’s since seen what happened in the Dominican Republic, after the show filmed there for series 30, and noticed Jordan was “heavily putting it on Ella.”

Chloe said: “I wasn’t in Dominican Republic and I didn’t know how heavy he was putting it on Ella. From what I heard it was just a dog walk and stuff like that…”

Opening up on what happened between herself and Jordan, Sie fuhr fort: “He did say he wanted to take me out.

“We went on a date – a group of us were out. We went out and I thought he wasn’t for me.

“He is not a bad person he just came on a bit too strong.”

Jordan is an avid singer, but Chloe revealed that she wasn’t a fan.

Sie fuhr fort: “The singing from Jordan did put me off. Oh mein Gott, I saw the serenading on the boat. If someone serenaded me I would die.”

Chloe added: “I feel really comfortable and confident in myself and Jordan did sort of want that relationship, which is fine. If it is genuine or not, Ich weiß es nicht.

“I don’t know if it is a genuine place or he just wants to be on Towie. Right now I am happy being single.”

Jordan and Chloe initially grew close during filming, with a source telling The Sun at the time: “They have grown really close over the last few weeks.

It’s obvious for everyone to see that they like each other and get on well.”

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Sie fügten hinzu: “Sie [Chlo] loves being around him and he’s definitely into her.

It’s still early stages and they are enjoying each other’s company right now.

Chloe recently wowed fans when she posed topless

Chloe recently wowed fans when she posed toplessAnerkennung: Instagram