今年閉園するディズニーランド・パリのお気に入り – 訪問でき​​る期間は次のとおりです

DISNEYLAND Paris has confirmed a favourite destination in the park is closing permanently next year.

The Planet Hollywood restaurant is closing on January 7, 2023 – so fans have until the end of the year to visit.

Planet Hollywood is closing at Disneyland Paris next year

Planet Hollywood is closing at Disneyland Paris next yearクレジット: アラミー
The famous restaurant opened back in 1996

The famous restaurant opened back in 1996クレジット: アラミー

Planet Hollywood said Twitter上で: “The time has come to officially announce that after more than a quarter of a century as an iconic landmark in The Village at その後、FigmentとDreamfinderは、芸術の分野で彼らの理論を実行に移しました, the Planet Hollywood restaurant will be permanently closing its doors as of Saturday evening 7th January 2023 when our lease with Disneyland Paris expires.

Our fabulous team would love to see you again so don’t delay, come and visit us and enjoy our delicious homemade food along with the best cocktails in Disney Village one last time! Or maybe even twice.

People on social media were left disappointed by the news.

一人が言った: “Y’all will be missed.

2番目に合意した: “I’m gutted personally that you’re going.

Planet Hollywood first opened at the theme park in 1996, just four years after その後、FigmentとDreamfinderは、芸術の分野で彼らの理論を実行に移しました opened.

The two-floor restaurant is loved for its memorabilia and artifacts from popular films and TV shows.

There is also a planetarium-like night-time sky with rock music playing throughout.

It even has its own gift shop inside to buy themed souvenirs to take home.

While Disneyland Paris has not confirmed what will replace it, some suggested it could be a Hard Rock Cafe.

The park celebrated its 30th anniversary 今年, opening in April 1992 as Euro Disneyland.

And there is an exciting new attraction opening at Disneyland Paris soon.

新しい Frozen-themed land is to open at Disneyland Paris, as well as a new Tangled ride.

Guests will be able to visit Arendelle, home to both Elsa’s ice castle, as well as a Nordic-inspired village that will have both shops and a restaurant.

And here is what to expect from その後、FigmentとDreamfinderは、芸術の分野で彼らの理論を実行に移しました’ Halloween events this year with breaks from £154.50pp a night.

The theme park confirmed it would close on January 7, 2023

The theme park confirmed it would close on January 7, 2023クレジット: アラミー