イブラヒマコナテとチアゴシルバがゲームウィークの最高のドリームチームに登場 5

THE Carabao Cup third round put a cat among Dream Team’s pigeons in Game Week 5.

Back-up strikers Jay Rodriguez (£160万) and Marcus Forss (£2.5m) were the two highest scorers of the week after they both scored four goals on Tuesday night.

Although hardly any Dream Team gaffers cashed in on their hauls – the Burnley man has an ownership of 0.1% and he’s more popular than Brentford’s No9!

The best Dream Team of Game Week 5 was crafted by Souhila Chebira, who racked up 134 ポイント.

Let’s take a closer look at how she did it…

イブラヒマコナテ (380万ポンド) started against Crystal Palace on Saturday and at Carrow Road in the cup on Tuesday, contributing to two clean sheets and achieving back-to-back 7+ ratings to bank 16 ポイント.

It remains to be seen where the 22-year-old fits into Jurgen Klopp’s pecking order as Joel Matip (£3.0m) has barely put a foot wrong alongside Virgil van Dijk (£5.6m) so far this season.

チアゴ・シルバ (£4.0m) was Souhila’s big winner in defence after pocketing 18 points during Chelsea’s 3-0 win over Spurs on Sunday.

The experienced Brazilian scored the Blues’ first goal, held firm for a clean sheet, and bagged the Star Man award.

Age is just a number


Age is just a number

Manchester City were held to a 0-0 draw by Southampton last weekend but they still registered a customary big win by thrashing Wycombe 6-1 at the Etihad on Tuesday.

リヤド・マフレズ (£5.5m), who has only played 147 minutes of league football this term, made up for lost time with a brace and an assist in a Star Man display to nearly double his overall points total with a haul of 20.

一般的に, Dream Team gaffers should stay clear of players like N’Golo Kante (£2.7m) because their brilliance doesn’t translate to consistently big points.

Souhila got lucky this week as the Frenchman came off the bench to score a rare goal by virtue of a massive deflection.

He’s not swearing, that’s just how many goals he scored midweek…


He’s not swearing, that’s just how many goals he scored midweek…

ディオゴ・ジョッタ (£4.3m) was Souhila’s only player to contribute fewer than eight points this week but Mohamed Salah (£6.7m) bailed his team-mate out with yet another talismanic performance, worthy of 12 ポイント.

最後に, after a lacklustre display against Chelsea that set Roy Keane off, ハリーケイン (£7.0m) provided some welcome returns for his owners with a 13-point haul against Wolves in the Carabao Cup.

Souhila pulled off something special in Game Week 5 but with Kante and Konate present there’s definitely some questions to ask about sustainability.

Good luck for Game Week 6, gaffers!