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Ihr Android hat sechs „Geheimcodes“.’ die versteckte Funktionen freischalten

YOU MIGHT now know this, but your Android device has several helpful features you can access via secret codes.

Some codes are specific to certain models, but other, more generic codes can be accessed on nearly any Android device.

Your Android device has secret hidden codes and we've rounded up the top six

Your Android device has secret hidden codes and we’ve rounded up the top six

These codes usually begin with “*#” and have long been used on mobile phones to access interesting hidden apps and settings.

Here are six codes worth knowing for your Android device, however it’s important to note that not all codes may work, and some may alter the functionality of your device.

How to access Android IMEI

Your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is the unique number associated with your smartphone.

Sometimes you can be asked for this if you want to unlock an Android to use another network.

To find your IMEI number, go to your dial pad and enter *#06#.

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Urgent warning issued to BILLIONS of iPhone and Android users over dangerous scam

The number should just appear on your screen.

How to view Google Play diagnostics

There is a code you can input into your Android device to reveal your Google Play Services info or Firebase Cloud Messaging diagnostics.

Diagnostics lets you peer into the functionality of the apps to make sure they are running smoothly.

Simply type #*#426#*# into your dial pad to access this feature.

How to check your Wi-Fi status

Most people have likely experienced the frustration associated with lagging WiFi.

If you’re ever perplexed by your phone because you’re not sure whether the service is the problem or simply the WiFi, Gut, there’s a code for that.

You can perform a WiFi test on your Android device by inputting #*#232339#*# into your keypad to finally get some answers.

How to power off your device

Innovative phone technology is constantly coming out, jedoch, sometimes technology can turn on you.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to turn off your device but your phone’s touchscreen starts acting weird, or perhaps your power-off button gets jammed, there’s a code for that, auch.

Simply type *#*#7594#*#* into your dial pad to power your device off.

How to check your data and SMS usage

If you’re not on an unlimited phone plan, then making sure you’re not going over your data and SMS usage is imperative.

Gott sei Dank, there’s a code for Android devices to access that information quickly, jedoch, it is different for every carrier.

If you’re on an AT&T plan, you check your data and SMS usage by typing in *3282#.

If your carrier is Verizon, you can check your usage by typing in #3282.

For T-Mobile devices, you can type in #932# to check your usage.

zuletzt, if you’re on a Sprint plan, you can check minutes, messages, and other usage stats by dialing in *4.

How to reset your device

Every now and then, it becomes necessary to reboot your device for any number of reasons.

Perhaps you’re getting a new device and want to sell or give away your old one with any lingering sensitive data.

Or maybe your phone is facing some technical bugs and rebooting is the only option to fix it.

You can restore your device to factory settings by using the code *2767*3855#, and voila! Good as new.

Use the code "#*#232339#*#" to perform a WiFi test on your device

Use the code “#*#232339#*#” to perform a WiFi test on your deviceAnerkennung: Alamy

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